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Your write-ups is an extension of you. People see you in the things you write. Improve your writing skills to avoid being misunderstood. #WritersClass #writersofinstagram #blogger #blog #writers

As I look forward to being a part of Purpose Drive Academy's #EVOLVE2017, something that keeps dominating my thought is the importance of such a rare opportunity and the positive ripple effect it could have. There is nothing as good as seizing an opportunity in the life time of such opportunity. Like the Bible puts it, to everything there is time and season.

To every opportunity that presents itself to us, there is an expiry date for such opportunity. To put in another way, it is wise that we make the best use of every opportunity that is presented to us today than to regret not grabbing it.
One of the opportunities I do not joke with is any opportunity to learn. Over the years, I have come to know by experience that knowledge is potential power, while the appropriate application of knowledge is capable of setting one on an irreversible journey of success.

No knowledge is a waste, especially at a time when the world is fast changing. The need to upgrade in order to EVOLVE into what you were created to be can never be overemphasized. If you are yet to register for this event, please visit www.purposedrive.org/pdacademy
or call Rita 08163365336 or Femi 08139527919.

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The secret of getting things done is to DO the things that NEED to be done. The things that need to be done are not just the urgent things, they are IMPORTANT. At times what is urgent may not be important.
As you journey through this month, choose to do what is important over what is urgent. There is time for everything. Prioritize and be disciplined. Be focused on your goals and, most importantly, draw your strength from God. Happy new month.
Order for your copy of 'It's Your Time'. Call or WhatsApp >>> +2348036524707
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Hello Dear,
Join me, at 9:00am this Saturday on twitter @NiranBamisaye, for another edition of #WritersClass. Focus: Practical Steps On How To Improve Your Writing Skills
Tell a friend to tell another…and anyone who intends to explore writing and take their writing skills to the next level.

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To be a part of the whatsapp class, open the following link~ https://chat.whatsapp.com/1XPwTGFVxWPAhmtmedssIP

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Don't just grow physically, grow your mind; grow in your thinking capacity. Let your thought become more mature. #Growth #growthmindset

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Hi Great Minds,

Years ago, as an undergraduate of Linguistics at the University of Ilorin, I traveled to Lagos from Ilorin (Kwara State, Nigeria) for a one day seminar. Let me also add that I paid the sum of N 5,000 for that seminar, apart from the amount I spent on purchasing some materials (books and CDs). Almost a decade after that experience, I have the rare opportunity of traveling the other way to share with people some lessons I have learned over time. What an irony! Each time I have the opportunity to share with people the lessons that life has taught me, I am quick to emphasize the grace of God and the circle of influence that I have been privileged to fall into. I make bold to say that our commitment to personal development would play a huge role in what we make out of our lives.

Upon the invitation to be a part of this event, #EVOLVE2017 organized by Purpose Drive Academy, I made up my mind to make myself available to give back to humanity. I also see it as an opportunity to express my gratitude to God for making something out of my life. In addition, nothing is as good as combining efforts to make a friend’s dream a reality. I am confident that the brainchild @thepurposedrive of my friend and brother, @fisayo.adeniyi will be a life changing experience for every participant.

As I look forward to make myself available for this event, I urge you to register, if you are yet to. If you can register someone, please do. The best kind of investment one could make is to invest into the life of the image of God. Do all you can to be a part of this rare opportunity to add value to your life.

To register visit www.purposedrive.org/pdacademy
or call Rita 08163365336 or Femi 08139527919.
See you there!

Have a productive week.

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There is a suitable time for planting and another for reaping or harvesting. What you do during the time suitable for planting will determine if the harvest time will be pleasurable for you or not:

1. Time Is Dynamic And Productive
2. Time Heals
3. Time Grows And Develops
4. Time Is Scarce
5. Time Is a Seed and Reward.

If you invest your time well, you will definitely reap the dividends and if you do not invest it well, the reward awaits you. Time is always there waiting for you to either harvest or blame someone or circumstance for your situation.
Excerpts from “It’s Your Time” written @adeniran.bamisaye
To order for your copy call or Whatsapp: +2348036524707

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Hello Dear,

Many times, I have had to intentionally make myself go through some "mood" just to give depth to my write-ups. Though I have lost count of the number of articles and poems I have written and those I have pushed out, I will forever cherish the opportunities and lessons that being a writer has opened me to.

Being a writer for at least fifteen years and the author of a few books, I have enjoyed a good number of privileges embracing this noble passion.

Join me, @NiranBamisaye this Saturday on twitter at 9:00, Nigerian time, as we discuss the benefits of being a writer.
Tell a friend to tell another…and anyone who intends to explore writing or take their writing to the next level.
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Not too late!!! About 13 years go today, I was walking along the walkway around block 4 in the university of Ilorin when I met with Adeolu Akinyemi, we exchanged pleasantries and then he invited me for a seminar that was just about to start.

Same day? Oh, I had other ideas. If I was going to attend this meeting, other plans will need to suffer I thought. So I looked at them all and eventually decided to attend. That decision to attend that seminar ladies and gentlemen turns out to be one of the best decisions I ever made because that seminar totally transformed my life.

A similar opportunity is before you today and I don't think it's too late to tell you about it, because I think a life transforming opportunity like this is never too late. Are you in Ilorin today or close to Ilorin? Are you coming into Ilorin before 4pm today? Or you have a friend in Ilorin who needs a financial lift, this is for you.

Today by 4pm at captain cook, we will have opportunity to share with people how they could transform their financial futures. In this meeting we will launch an opportunity in Ilorin that will teach you how you can turn 30k to 1 million Naira before Christmas.
If you will like to come just send me a message on 08072690092 saying "I will be there" either as SMS or WhatsApp.

NB: Free special gift for first 100 people to arrive the venue.

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Introducing the rectangle cufflinks....Don't you just love this beauty?
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You are a function of the the people you listen to and the places you go.

This is an opportunity listen to people who have gone ahead and are willing to show you the path to follow in your life,career and business. Something big is starting in the city of Ilorin. It’s PURPOSE DRIVE ACADEMY - PDA, for Entrepreneurs, professionals, leaders, students, and all graduates!
@adeniran.bamisaye @yemisiadeyeye

Date: November 4 and 11
Venue:Noktel Hotels ,succoth gardens ilorin
Fee :5,000 (covers refreshment and courses materials for both days)
See fliers for details.

Check bio for registration link

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What is the big deal about this Legacy thing?

The events of the past few days have left me pondering on the word, legacy: various activities have been going on to celebrate and honour the memory of the late Afrobeat king, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. I had the privilege to experience some of the activities put together to commemorate this year’s Felabration; the official unveiling of the Liberation statue at Allen Roundabout, Ikeja and the musical concert at the African Shrine…

One thing that keeps resonating in my heart is the word-Legacy. No doubt, Fela’s children have done well in sustaining their father’s legacy.

No one lives forever. Every human being has a ‘departure date’: the earlier we begin to live our lives intentionally, the better. The reason is that, someday, our ‘contract’ on earth will expire. When that contract expires, what will be left behind? Whatever is left behind is your legacy; I am not talking about your material possessions, but the kind picture that would be formed in the imagination of people once your name is mentioned.

My dear friend, riches is good but a good name is better that riches. However, the good news is, one can have both; riches and a good name. Having both means; being intentional about life, and living with a sense of mission. Have a life-term mission. Set goals and be committed to them.

As you set out this week, make up your mind to add value to humanity. Let your life be an inspiration. Don’t be a catalyst of a man’s downfall. Aid the fulfilment of someone’s dream. Whatever you do, make sure you make, at least, one person happy daily. It is possible. Have a productive week.


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Coming soon- Writers Class, whatsapp version!
Have a great week!
Adeniran Bamisaye

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