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Thank you unheralded weird little restaurant in terminal T of Atlanta Jackson airport for making the hell outta my day for giving a shit. I did not expect this from you when I judged your exterior, nor did I expect it from the less than wonderful coffee you served...but then glancing up at the thing I thought was a laminated drink top flippy thing, I started to really fall for you...❤️

Thank you @televisionacad , it’s a profound honor to be among those nominated today. The writers, directors, fellow actors, designers and crew all share in my nomination. I’m so proud to be a part of @strangerthingstv .

And I apologize to @netflix profusely for the SPOILERS in this video.
#emmys #strangerthings #razorsharpteeth

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer...

Remember those horrid kimmel jackets, and my equally ridiculous postures? One of the greatest tailors in the world (and his rocking silver beard) has decided this will not stand. Well, jacket wise. This will eventually have arms, yes @cifonelli_official ...? Meh, maybe the tank top suit is the way to go actually...

Fireworks, while being a good substitute for actual bombs and missles and the rocket’s red glare, are loud, seem freakin dangerous as hell and are super boring after like the 5th one. As Aimee Mann said, ‘as they light up our town I just think what a waste of gunpowder and sky.’ They even backlight you terribly when taking a selfie so you have to filter the crap outta the photo and make it artsy and weird to make it interesting.

I love what they represent tho. Our independence from the tyrannical rule of England on July 4, 1776. I love a free America. I love the strange wonderful cowboy breed of human being that is an American. We’re all going thru it these days no matter what your politics are, and I feel for all of us. Happy 242nd (is this right?) birthday, America. Enough with the boring fireworks already. Can’t we just watch a few episodes of ‘catastrophe’ together instead.

Emmy voting phase 1 ends the 25th of June. We, including our tireless, ubiquitous ad and PR team, love our show, and hope you do too.

But we’re nothing, nothing without you @usher
#strangerthings #emmys #usher #causeona1to10shesacertified20 #thewayshedancemakesshortyalrightwithme #takethatrewinditback

Ugh, you dicks...thanks @jimmykimmellive , I had a blast. Sorry about my friend’s photoshop skills...

When you’re a FASHION ICON like myself and you’re gonna do @jimmykimmellive , they send you jackets. Find out which of these I don’t wear tonite with jimmy.

Few iPhone snaps off the monitor of shots that didn’t make the cut. For good reason. Bottom right is front and center of the development board for our new soap opera, ‘the bulky and the beautiful.’ Many thanks to @yamphoto , @latimes and @glennwhipp for the lovely article.

#jopper heads rejoice. When it rains it pours.


If you can’t posit from this, the #5wordspeech was ‘net neutrality you greedy dickheads’

I understand my reluctance to say Mr. Pai’s name, but it just seems silly to leave out ‘so’, ‘on’ and ‘and’. @hollywoodreporter THANK YOU for wonderfully directly quoting me and and it’s an honor to have the CEO of @thewebbyawards quoting my #5wordspeech directly.

INDEED SIR, INDEED, we SHOULD call them dickheads... #netneutrality

Hambone Harbour and brilliant casting director Carmen Cuba closed the gate last night at a @Netflix #fysee thingy. It was bitchin’. #imelevennowbitch 😊😘

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