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DJ YNOT  Nobody can be you but you

Photography class outtakes 2001 👴🏽 #TBT

Pretty much sums up the relationship.

Mic check Boricuas on the set

Been in it for a minute @woodtavern old to the new every Saturday #NOREQUESTS #DONJULIO

#TBT Tatame Lounge 2005?! ✌🏾@jonstrange77 @djsps @roduno @magu52 #Ozone #preserato

Funky Good Times 10.6.18 Thank you Nashville @casebloom @darujones @bowls615 Too much fun rocking classic little records to a receptive dance floor 📸@nicklphoto

Funky Good Times

Bringing my funky #richmedina45bag to Nashville Saturday!! @casebloom hide the quinoa

Happy Born day Devin the other dude @naturesounds 🎈

The proper way to make a request

It’s Saturday so you already know I’m @woodtavern 100% chance of hearing Toto “Africa”

Rough day at the office @luckyrecordsmiami

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