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DJ YNOT  Nobody can be you but you

Caught the Inspiring @rockrubber45s Bobbito documentary tonight. As an aging head in the dj game definitely appreciated watching the ebb & flow of his career. Can’t front even shed a tear.. #rockrubber45s

Beatnuts Forever

Got special guests in the booth this Friday @casebloom (The BOOM BAP) & Pumpy Chew Lo @pumpichulo 🍍

Spent the 4th in NYC with this lil firecracker

Great shop @humanheadnyc Thanks for the heads up @stickydojah

NYC I’m in your area @esquinanyc SoHo 🔊

It’s hotter than July... & tomorrow we celebrate 2 years of @mom_miami Motown on Monday’s @sweetlibertymia

Uber’s here

Real talk

Friday @coyotaco coming all the way from Belgium to save Wynwood @lefto !!!

We can’t be wet #DPGC

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