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Keith Total Eclipse Bailey  'Turntable Lover since 88' member of the X-men / X-Ecutioners from Brooklyn (NYC)

2 more weeks to go...Let the games begin 🙌🏾🙏🏾 #dmcaustralia @denondjaustralia @raneaustralia 🏆#RP @dmcaustralia in conjunction with X-Ecutioners @djtotaleclipse and RANE @raneaustralia present The 2017 Australian DMC DJ Championships! This year we are taking the battle to all corners of this Nation! Every state will be represented at the National Finals for the first time since the relaunch! Let the battles begin !! Entry forms here:

Thanks for the warm memories of getting to know you during this era in our lives my friend. May you Rest Easy #ChesterBennington 🙏🏾

@theboombaplive this Saturday in Nashville feat: @djday & urs truly powered by @casebloom & @rate_wonder is all about the music !!! Can't wait 🙌🏾

Quick synopsis about the @denondjofficial VL12 Turntables @denondjaustralia Man... I must say the torque is specifically designed for your all around comfort depending on slipmats but will never lag during performance. Can't wait to get more time in with these two weapons before showcasing with them at the DMC Comps! Thanks to my little man I got a chance to catch a feel before time was up before our next RC Race car session...😳🏎💨@ranedj #DenonDjVL12 #dmcusfinals #dmcaustralia #Soundtrack Power Move by Jackel

Engineered & Inspired by the ones that came before them with a twist of character for the DJ's who like to customize decks that is no longer needed. @denondjofficial VL-12 Turntable aesthetically is a one stop shop that feels to be well built. @denondjaustralia well done guys. 👍🏾 #DenonDjVL12 #DMCUSA #DMCAustralia

Visiting the homeland and this is what arrives of the front door porch👉🏾@denondjofficial VL-12 turntables to break in... Shouts to @denondjaustralia @ranedj for the shipment 🙌🏾Thank you 🙏🏾#DenonDjVL12 #DMCUSA #DMCAustralia

@breal How I could just kill a man #Cypresshill #Xecutioners #V1battle #CrowdVersion @trialsucks 🙏🏾

No matter what.. We are all one when it comes to this music... My initial thoughts were the dislike btwn Russia & the U.S including Australia was thick until my personal experience with my brothers @brolicarm & @noisicerp over this weekend surrounded by Real Love N HipHop @v1battle that completely broke the judgment barrier competing against Djs that were directly influenced by Scratch the movie featuring the X-men / X-Ecutioners & a gang of pioneers of DJing that continues to birth DJ's til this day... So happy to be a part of it all & to continue to be a direct influence. Thank you to all tags & support from my peers and passionate friends of this Art form we try to keep afloat. @djjaycee313 @djnabsinlab @djgrouch @trialsucks @dj_worm @reskitop9mzk_aka_reactive98 @d.official1 @anton_kurovoi 🙌🏾 #HonorableMentions #Xecutioners #V1battle #Russia

@noisicerp @brolicarm This means war.💪🏾😎🔥🔥🔥#RP @V1battle #BATTLEOFTHEGODS #БИТВАБОГОВ
One more Battle of the Gods special for you! Now it will be scratch and juggling fight between two dopest crews: Russian Scratch Crew (Worm, Chin Machine, Mone) versus X-Ecutioners (Total Eclipse, Precision, Rob Swift). Live Stream of Battle of the Gods in Djing will start 7pm Moscow time 7 July 2017 on YouTube channel "V1 Battle Live Stream" and on website
#v1battle #в1баттл
Ещё одна Битва Богов к вашему вниманию! Теперь это схватка двух команд крутейших диджеев: "Russian Scratch Crew" из России (Worm, Chin Machine, Mone) против "X-Ecutioners" из Нью-Йорка, США (Total Eclipse, Precision, Rob Swift). Прямая трансляция Битвы Богов по Диджеингу начнётся в 19:00 7.07.2017 на YouTube канале "V1 Battle Live Stream" и на сайте

A night at the residence @solbarmusic just having some unadulturated casual fun as usual.💥#SunnyCoast #Vibes #Maroochydore✌🏾

@marinabaysands architecturally is one of the craziest buildings in the world. Looking up at a boat on top anchoring over 3 towers ➡️swipe4️⃣image. Felt blessed to scratch this experience off the bucket list thanks to the good folks @celavisingapore Yafith and the crew. Thanks for having me. #Skypark #Rooftopbar #CeLaViSingapore

🙌🏾@celavisingapore is rocking tonight with yours truly on the controls...🤙🏾 #GoodVibes #Singapore #Nightlife

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