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Dj Steve1der  MJB - Love No Limit Remix ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Calling all Brainiac Dumb Dumbs... in 2 weeks from tonight it’s time to Bust The Scientifical @thequestionstrivia @blindbarber in Highland Park. This is a Night Of Hip-Hop Trivia like you’ve never experienced!!!

Heading down to @theoxfordsd 2nite. Rocking w/ my fam @djshadowman. HID Mode All Night 🤓

Dj’s what do you think about this? What would the dj industry look like if there was no Serato? Do I sound like a bitter old dj (maybe I am 😱)? Just trying to get some dialogue going through my interview w/ @jlevine for his Rebel Radio podcast. Truth be told I prefer CDJS to Turntables now so this statement is somewhat contradictory, but let me imagine a utopian DJ universe minus the frauds for a minute 🤓

On this day in 2002, The Clipse released “Grindin”. Can you name the keyboard The Neptune’s used to produce the song??? Answer in the comments below and/or swipe left to see the keyboard in action 🎹🎧🎼 FOLLOW @thequestionstrivia for daily hip-hop trivia!!?!?!?!?!!

8️⃣2️⃣ 2️⃣NITE

Go follow @thequestionstrivia for daily hip-hop trivia!!!!?!?!?!??
Watch the vid and answer in the comment section!

Take 1️⃣🚫
Take 2️⃣👌 ⛰🏝🏊‍♂️ 📽: @arielrechtshaid

All my Producer peeps check out my cousin @seandammit flexing on the new Instrument 1 by @artiphon
The INSTRUMENT 1 by @artiphon has brought me into a whole new space in music-making, so I thought it only right to showcase the latest tool in my production a whole new space. An instrument that's several instruments built into one- this thing is like a cheat code for me! 🎥: the great @lexahammerpayne #artiphon #ableton #abletonlive #producers #beats #guitar #midi #ferriswheel #music

Rockin w/ my doodz @grantshapiro & @waldorules 2nite @eightytwola 🔫🔫

#nationalsiblingday goes out to my bro @killakofax! We (L.A.ment) did this track about #andrethegiant over a decade ago and it seems fitting to share with the release of the #hbodocumentaryfilms today. Been trying to get @sptguy33 or someone @ringer to give it a listen. Maybe @rosenbergradio can help. Anyways this is for all the og #wwe heads.

#TBT w/ @z_trip & @chris_cutz in SD a few years back 🤟

When u realize the #yodeling kid reminds u of a @dangelo_music song and a #mashup ensues...
#sugahdaddy #wallmart #masonramsey

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