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Derek Steen  Videographer • Storyteller • Designer 🇦🇺🇺🇸🌏 Now booking shoots for 2018. 🎥 for @Cornerstone_Easton. 1 Corinthians 1:25 All photos = #nofilter


My usual 15-minute morning commute turned into an hour because I kept stopping to take photos of the beautiful snow.
If you're biking in it, stay on the fresh snow as much as possible. It has the best traction. Second best is in the tracks of a car/truck, but that tends of be icy underneath and is prone to random slippery patches.

If you plan to drive in it, leave lots of extra time. Especially if you don't have winter tyres. Plows are out, bit it's going to take all day to clear much of this. The temperature is continuing to drop to -3°C, so ice will be abundant.

#snow #weather #morningmotivation #morningcommute #cycling #cyclistlife #nofilter #snowday #snowbunny

You're better than cupcakes.

Danish icing chocolate apple pie icing topping bear claw. Jujubes ice cream toffee jelly-o ice cream. Gingerbread bear claw tiramisu sesame snaps soufflé soufflé dessert icing ice cream.
Gingerbread lollipop candy canes caramels dessert cookie gingerbread gummi bears. Topping tart tart cotton candy jelly beans. Topping chocolate pudding gingerbread. Pie tootsie roll powder sweet candy.
Tiramisu croissant dragée marshmallow sesame snaps toffee sweet sweet fruitcake. Brownie oat cake croissant dragée cake danish halvah biscuit bonbon. Fruitcake cheesecake cheesecake fruitcake sweet icing tart.

Coffee ice cream with mint sprinkles @snowflakeicecream for @LIICTour 2017. "Virtual shot" captured with @fyuseapp and exported as a video. (Testing this app, so excuse the vertical video in this early example.)

10. Park time with @signs.of.creation and @obsidianthebelgiansheepdog. Getting time to learn body language from animals and strangers grows my insight for Lydia's noggin'. Climbing trees and frolicking around along the way are treats indeed.

Pink laces. 🌈

#100happydays #igbethlehem #nofilter #grass #greenway #park #nature #training #negativespace

9. Leftover Indian food. Butter Chicken (Chicken Makhani). •
I grew up eating lots of Indian food in Sydney. I'm not sure how authentic it was to real Indian, but it certainly has a unique flavour. In the USA, Indian food isn't as abundant (unless you're in a major city). Having a yummy Indian dinner that yields leftovers is a treat. •
#100happydays #nofilter #food #indianfood #rice #butterchicken

8. Returning from a trip usually brings a sadness. Something akin to the opposite of homesickness. "Why am I home? I want more experiences. Should I even bother unpacking? What is 'normal'?" are thoughts running through my mind. However, I didn't feel the intensity of that sadness of returning home from Maine. Perhaps because it was only three days. Perhaps because I couldn't wait to see @signs.of.creation. Perhaps it's because I was going straight to Riverside and church groups. •
My fondness of being away compounded with the lack of snow at home should have really made me upset for a prolonged period. But that feeling was fleeting.

I was enjoying the warm late afternoon sunset at Scott Park when I noticed a littered beer can. I told myself I would grab it to recycle when leaving the park — which is what I did. There was still liquid in it, so I poured it on the grass. The liquid was chunky and blue. Paint? Poison? I paused and thought of where would be a more artistic place to release the remaining liquid. I found a lonely pile of dirty snow in the shadow of a tall building, and drizzled the rest of the liquid onto the snow. It looked like a snow cone because of how fake/bright the blue is. •
Thank the Lord for brightening my day with the last little piece of snow — until the next blizzard — and making it easy for me to be creative. Thank my #MaineFour crew for being such a happy and joyous bunch. Thank @signs.of.creation for loving me and praying with me. Thank @Cornerstone_Easton for being a body with faith and integrity. Thank the BCF Leadership group prayer warriors for tackling spiritual warfare in the lives of our young women. These thankful moments bring me happiness. •
#100happydays #snow #snocone #nofilter #blue #antihomesick #church

Beaches in winter. I'm so in love. It makes me so happy to capture stunning skies, climb sharp, jagged cliffs, and standing in a chunky rain. None of that is pictured here because the sunset needs to be appreciated. The motion of flying along in a car with the cold wind in my hair is very awakening.

Thank you, Jesus.

#100happydays #snow #sunset #clouds #trees #nofilter #Maine #MaineFour

6. I'm thankful for years of experience on the slopes and quick learners. A last-minute decision to go skiing was so giddy! We crushed every run (including a few double black diamonds ◆◆; it was a relatively small mountain so the black runs weren't that daunting).

Happiness is eating snow when you're thirsty. Happiness is almost falling because the snow is so fresh, soft, and deep. Happiness is recording friends through their experience. Happiness is your apartment being taken care of while you're away (thanks @signs.of.creation and @youalleverybody!). Happiness is the cloud formations and types changing every time we sat on the chair lift. Happiness is feeling sore.

#100happydays #snow #skiing #sky #clouds #nofilter #Maine #MaineFour #HermonMountain #latergram #lateohwell #seventomorrow

5. The moment before I realised beauty all over again. I've seen piles of snow. I've seen some of the most remarkable parts of New Zealand. But you don't have to stray too far from home to discover immense beauty. You just need to take that leap. That risk. •
What I saw and felt today reminded me of Sydney's beaches. Except the sand was rocks and the headlands were covered in thick snow. I could have spend all day there. B-E-A-UTI-FUL!

To put things into perspective, this was also the moment before I tried climbing on top of a swingset's frame and failed. All my strength is in my legs and I had no feet to grip with since I was wearing snow boots with wet soles. •
#100happydays #snow #sunshine #beach #swings #joy #recordeverything #nofilter #reflection

4. We're arrived safely. The ride didn't feel that long. It's ~7 hours. Three hours less than Sydney to Brisbane. (As a kid, I recall that trip being 20 hours. Perhaps ten hours is a lot for a kid.)

I'm thankful for goofy, smart, loving, and God-fearing friends. They bring happiness to my little heart. I'm also surprisingly grateful for heat. A coal/wood stove has our accommodations very toasty. I prefer the cold of my 4°C unit, but this is just fine. :)

They do an amazing job with keeping the roads clear of snow here. 2 metres (~6 feet) of snow in a week means it's in large piles everywhere. Such a happy white land. •
#100happydays #roadtrip #Maine #MaineFour #nofilter #snow #threepanel
#spotlight #mainewinter

3. When Wednesday whacks wizards' walkways. •
My schedule of editing all day ended up being altered by a multitude of factors. It seems God needed me away from the computer for yet another day.

Happiness abounds when my roommate has cooked dinner. Sure, he did that on Tuesday, too. (He's fab!) But my mixed up day needing me to cook dinner just meant additional time that I didn't have. So, I thank you for contributing to my happiness today, @youalleverybody (and @k.t.lynn) That fact you cleaned up after was also a huge load off my mind!

#100happydays #dinner #pan #schedule #chestflutters #nofilter

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