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DJ SKEE  Founder Dash Radio. TV Host/Producer. UN Foundation Absdr. Contributor: Techcrunch, Recode &more. Forbes & Billboard 30 Under 30. DJ. Entrepreneur.

After months of hard work, great to see our commercial for the most anticipated upcoming game in the world on tv everywhere! Shout to everyone involved... more to come we haven't even announced yet 😱 @troubleman31 @myguymars @losangelesconfidential @chriserb @ubisoft @belly @youngthug @john_skeetv @nipseyhussle @tripleclix @ghostrecon_us πŸ•Ή Ghost Recon: Wildlands Out March 7th (watch the 30 min live action film on Amazon Prime now!)

The craziest sound in the world is pure silence... getting dizzy inside one of the largest anechoic chambers on the planet @sonos HQ πŸ”‡ thx @tmeyeratplay

Today I'm announcing that I'm (joining the cartel) producing the music for #ghostrecon Wildlands video game & TV special... the TV commercial & live action series premier today & the game drops March 7th πŸ•Ή shout @troubleman31 @myguymars @john_skeetv & everyone else involved in this!

Excited for today's announcement of my involvement (alongside Eminem & Paul Rosenberg, Mark Wahlberg, Jon Buscemi, Tim Armstrong, Wale, Scooter Braun, Joe Haden, Steve Case, & more) in @stockx. Shout to Dan Gilbert & @jluber31 for my first Championship ring... next one will be with my @timberwolves tho haha πŸ†

😱😱😱 the line @kyliejenner NYC pop up... We are broadcasting again live in store all week on Kylie Radio @dashradio πŸ“» @base on live now

πŸ‘πŸ‘ @ladygaga

My life has been changed by music but in very different ways from people on L.A.'s skid row. @paulysproject donates 1000's of radios to the streets of LA's homeless. Pauly is blind and autistic, his father saw how powerful music was as the only thing to sooth and calm him. Through this experience his Father came up with the idea of giving away portable radios to connect the homeless back into society with music, news and sports. Music can provide comfort, especially for those who are fighting loneliness and depression. Follow this amazing story & check out for more πŸ‘ŠπŸ“»

I challenge our @dashradio crew, @losangelesconfidential, & YOU #kicknitforacause @kicknit_ you can send donations to:
1971 university blvd
Lynchburg, VA 24515
Attention Ashley Lison

Sat down with my boy @drama for his podcast this week & shared some of my story, check his profile if u want to hear it

#tbt miss this truck esp in the winter


πŸ‘» Wildlands