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The 1st Radio Show in the world to speak over 10 languages. 12-3pm weekdays!
Catch their 1st show this Tuesday 2nd May live on or download the app. #LunchTimeFaya with @deejaymgedeza & Fats!

Article by Sowetan:

I feel like I’m finally ready to conquer the mic, says Thembi Seete on radio debut and ‘takeover’

Thembi Seete will host a show on Massiv Metro Radio Station.
Image by: Via Instagram

After more than 20 years in the entertainment industry, Thembi Seete has decided to add to her resume with a career in radio.

The star will co-host a weekday afternoon show alongside comedian Celeste Ntuli and Zola on DJ Sbu's new radio venture, Massiv Metro.

Thembi, who first shot to fame as a member of the 90's Kwaito group Boom Shaka, told us that her calling for radio was a long time coming. “This is something I wanted to do for a very long time. I was actually approached to do a show when YFM 1st started but I was busy and I wasn’t very confident. To be honest, I thought I would be a bit boring and I was scared. Years later, I was approached to do Massiv Metro and after a lot of convincing I agreed. I am still very nervous but I have been going to workshops and I am starting to accept myself and finding my feet,” Thembi said.

Thembi noted that many radio personalities change when on radio but promised listeners that she would remain as authentic as she’s always been “My voice won’t change. Neither will my personality. I have always tried to spread positivity and that is what I want to do with my radio show. I want people to feel good and relaxed on the way home. So, no matter how bad their day was, they will be grateful to be alive,” she explained. "I appreciate Thembi's consistency. She has longevity. You can take her anywhere and people can relate to her. She also has humility and professionalism that is just amazing and so we just had to have her on board," Sbu said.

He explained that Massiv Metro was hatched from an idea to take radio to the 900,000 plus commuters who use taxis every day. "It speaks to the ordinary people and takes online radio to the people. We cannot wait for data prices to fall so we decided to provide free Wi-Fi and free online radio to the people who use taxis every day," he explained.

Thembi's show, "The Takeover" with Thembi Seete, will air from 4 to 5pm weekdays on Massiv Metro from Tuesday May 2.

Blog by @BET_Africa

Whether it's MoFaya, TouchWarwick or radio, DJ Sbu and Tbo Touch are the epitome of hustle and hard work

Sibusiso "DJ Sbu" Leope and Thabo "Tbo Touch" Molefe have shown the youth of Africa that anything is possible with just a dream and hard work.

DJ Sbu and Touch are driven by the passion and will to succeed at all costs. These two hustlers push beyond limits and have proven again and again that sometimes you don't need to follow the path to create your own.

DJ Sbu and Tbo Touch both started their careers in radio and after many years of hard work they built their brands as two of the biggest players in the media industry and as entrepreneurs.

They used to be on radio now they own radio

At some point they were both working for Metro FM. Sbu was fired after promoting his energy drink during the radio stations' biggest event and Touch left to pursue his own station.

The two hustlers now own their own online radio stations, Touch launched his station last year called Touch HD and Sbu recently launched his called MassivMetro. Sbu's newly launched station targets the taxi commuters and will be offering free WiFi to the taxi industry.

They have their own brands of beverages
You cannot talk about Sbu without mentioning his energy drink, MoFaya. He started the energy drink a few years ago and has been pushing it everywhere. He has at one point taken to the streets of Johannesburg to personally sell it to people passing by. Touch on the other hand has his own wine brand called TouchWarwick, it is a very exclusive and expensive wine.

They're not just Entrepreneurs but innovators

They are true pioneers with a number of projects in their hands such as Leadership 2020, 4Pipes TouchConvoy; some of the projects they're involved in are to give back to their communities.  These two men not only work on becoming billionaires but also uplift those who have the same dream; they're inspirational speakers and use every platform they are in to spread positivity.

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