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neil armstrong  dj, eat, cook, travel. RUN. Native NYer. I have a pooch named @pohthedogsbigadventure . my adidas. @livelikepoh @jasminetheseniordog

Little @babylilisworld out here working on her Filipino tan. Little @pohthedogsbigadventure keeping her company. Sand all up in my @adidasoriginals but I'm feelin' fine.

Brought this little lady to the other place I lived once upon a time, the beautiful island of Oahu. I think she likes the beach, just like @pohthedogsbigadventure. This is just the beginning little @babylilisworld. We gonna have a great adventure. So happy you're here.

Done many a #kicksonaplane posts over the years. This will probably be one i remember for the rest of my life. My daughter @babylilisworld first flight back to the United States. She didn't cry once :). We were able to secure a bassinet after A LOT of music chairs with some sympathetic passengers and some help from @delta staff. So both yuko and I didn't have to hold this little lady for the whole duration of this Trans-pacific flight. Wore @adidasoriginals of course for the occasion. #pharell #stansmiths joints from the 1st collection,the orange tennis felt joints. Found them in my Japan stash.

Happy to have this little one here with me. Welcome to the world little lady.

In a few hours I'm jumping on a plane with @goumada and this little lady @babylilisworld. She already has a frequent flyer number w/ @delta. Hoping and praying she loves the air up there... Hawaii and LA... See you on the way back home to #nyc.

Breakfast at denny's... In Japan. Seriously. Chocolate sundae parfait madness. Chocolate ice cream, fudge topping, rice puffs, banana slices to make It healthy, chocolate mousse, whipcream and a brownie to top it off. Sigh... If only I could live out here... Oh wait. I do!!! :) #pommedesgarcons #leavingdishes #foodporn #food #japanfood #breakfastatdennys #icecream

I was born right around the time my pops was set to take the bar exam, allowing him to practice law in the fine state of New york. My parents used to always tell me that he would hold me while he was studying. The idea always amazed me. I remember when I was in college, just trying to study for my organic chemistry final and thinking how much more difficult it would be if I had this little blob futzing around in my lap.

Now that @babylilisworld is here, can't help but think about that story. I'm finally feeling like a pop, and figuring out how to rebalance all the aspects of my life. Challenge accepted.

Had to come all the way to Tokyo to get some ramen 'originating' from brooklyn. @yujiramen_bk last year took up a residency at the #ramenmuseum here in Yokohama, @yujiramen_jpn. Got the 'tunakotsu' - fish based ramen for my non meat eaters. Tuna pairtan broth, tuna belly chase, leeks, yuzu kosho, and the much cheaper Japanese price tag (in nyc this is a $24 dollar bowl, in Japan its less then 10 beans. #pommedesgarcons #leavingdishes#foodporn #japan #japanfood #ramen

Not a new donut concept, in fact Krispy kreme released a version of this in the Philippines (only maybe??) back in 2014. The PI version was a whole donut though. This is the Japan version (with the hole in the middle) of the Kreme Brule donut. Not sure if they have this back stateside or anywhere else. Inside is the cream filling, outside the sugar coating is caramelized just right. This one is drool worthy. If you're in Japan seek it out. #pommedesgarcons #leavingdishes#foodporn #japan #japanfood #donuts

After being on tour and travelling so much, these last couple of weeks with this little lady and momma have me finally feeling like a pop. We about to hit the road again, but this time I got to book flights for 2.5 peoples. Little @babylilisworld is already trying to stand in the tub, we gonna get her frequent flyer miles game on early too. Hawaii, Los Angeles, and finally back to NYC we go...

One last #tbt before the day ends. From my @sneakerpimps #sneakerpimpsindia trip a few weeks ago. Hanging with my home girl rangamala the elephant. A long standing tradition for these packyderms and their humans in Jaipur india is to get decorated, originating back in the day for ceremonies for royalty. Usually they paint these ornate beautifully symmetric geometric patterns on their trunk area and body. I obviously have no skills in that area, so rangamala helped me get a message back home to my newborn daughter @babylilisworld and wife @goumada . Thank you rangamala for helping me send some love back home!
Now many of you may be worried about the well being of these elephants. The coloring used is 100 percent made out of vegetables, and definitely causes them no harm. Do they enjoy it though? Well that is certainly debatable. However, before feeling some type of way about this practice, think about a dog or pet who has had tight ass t-shirt put on them, or the time you made your kid and husband wear matching Hawaiian shirts when you went on vacation in honolulu. Does your dog really like wearing that cute HOODIE?? Like I said... Debatable... However, rangamala DEFINITELY Loved the cleanup afterwards, which you can see by swiping left. We gave her a quick rub down and shiatsu, and a nice cold shower to cool off in. Reminded me of washing my Honda crv but I had to scrub behind her ears. There was the option for me to bath her In a pool, and I think we could have even took a trip to the river to be even more in the moment... But time was not on my side. Maybe next time rangamala. I hear elephants have really good memories, so I'll look for you the next time I'm in town.

Lili... I am your father. @babylilisworld @starwars

Hamburgers... The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast. For my heathen non veggies, I'm sure I've posted this spot before, but here it is again. This is called the 'Kevin bacon' burger, from whoopi goldburger in Shibuya Tokyo. It's about a 5 minute walk from the famous Shibuya crossing. This a super small spot, seating about 10 people at a time. They do a short lunch serving, then reopen at 6 pm for dinner. They have clever names for their Sammiches, smoke their own bacon in house, and even have a VEGETARIAN OPTION so you don't feel left out like you usually do cause you can't make friends with salad. It's on the back of the menu, I promise. If you wanna go for the immediate coronary, may I suggest the triple patty Charlotte Gainsburger the next time you're in the vicinity. #foodporn #pommedesgarcons #leavingdishes #Tokyofood #japanfood #burgers

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