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Nathan  Foodist and traveler, aspiring knife maker. Philly. I want all the hats.

More action on the #sllbuildalong kiridashi. So much to learn. Nearly scrapped the entire handle/liner after my grinder grabbed it for a split second and ate a big chunk out. We’ll see if my attempt to salvage it looks right or not on the next round. #knifenumberfive

It was an great weekend! #camping #pagrandcanyon

Next stop...kiridashi my best grind yet.

I learn a little bit each time. This knife I learned about etching, got my best heat treat to date, and made the handle micarta from a retired pants leg.

Cool colors after toaster oven is not the most consistent.

Some new filing techniques in this one. I tried some decorative on the spine and some draw filing to get that satin type look. We’ll see what it looks like after heat treating.

First of a lot of things. This gauge steel, using liners, knife shape amongst many others. #knifemaking has been fun and rewarding so far. I have a bit to go on this one, but if you’re right handed this may be the one for you....tell me what you think.

New abrasives....I’m feeling pretty happy so far. #knifemaking

Falls bridge with a bit of snow today.

Farewell to #austintexas
Great time at #Sxsw with @amiearch @honorarytexan and Phil. Back to the cold.

My #wcw #happyvalentine all the ❤️ @amiearch

New stress reliever hobby for 2018. Here is my first knife! Many things to learn.....

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