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It's National Selfie Day here and the #OPPOF3 in black is just to die for! It's the phone that goes well with any #OOTD! Grab yours now at any OPPO concept store near you. Don't forget to tune in to @oppophilippines for more updates! #SelfieExpert

Just finished the podcast and feeding the kids, now gonna put in some @gozwift work before the radio show starts. Gonna do the Assos challenge in London today! #OPPOF3 #specialissima

What's great about having a kid celebrating an 8th birthday is that they want their birthday dinner to be at a fast food restaurant! Doesn't hurt the wallet too much! 😂😂😂 He's king for the day! Happy Birthday to our Lucas!

It’s our son Lucas’ 8th birthday (today in the PH, tomorrow here in the US) and I’m sure all parents have, at some point, wished they had a time machine so they can go back and relive moments when their children were small chubby runts that can barely put a coherent sentence together.  These days @angelicopter and I just tell him to slow down, “you’re getting too big too fast.” Slow down, Lucas.  Then I realize when you’re as gifted as Lucas is, there really is no slowing down.  He amazes us everyday with his lightning quick absorption of all the information that surrounds him.  He’s smart, both books and street. He’s incredibly affectionate and he can show it both quietly and animated. He’s a great brother even when he’s happy about it and frustrated by it. We call him Lucas The Builder because he creates things with such a high level of tangible skill & first rate creativity and vision that wows us. He will be Lucas the Legend -- I’ve always had an eye for talent and he certainly has a lot of it.  He is our son and I am so happy to have met him, to have seen him skyrocket to the amazing boy he is.  Remember this kid because he will fly by and we are all gonna want him to slow down so we can enjoy his company even more. Happy Birthday, Lucas! ❤️

My ❤️, @angelicopter, from our super early morning bike ride up the punishing hills 🚴🏻 #rccams @rapha_rcc

Kids. I highly recommend them. Happy Father's Day to all the men and women out there who either are fathers or have to be that role. 👍🏼 #OPPOF3

Repost from @angelicopter, Amsterdam is now doing a makeup tutorial?! I think this little girl is going to take my job one day 😂

Lucas and Monsterdam #OPPOF3

I'M SO PRETTY. She certainly doesn't lack confidence, this little one.

It took HOURS to complete today but I just rode a metric century (100 km) on my bike using @gozwift! 2,900 calories burned and we are ready to have the buffet dinner @cosmopolitan_lv tonight! #rccams @rapha_rcc

Lucas, The Patient.

👨‍👧‍👧 Certainly one of my favorite calls of all time from yesterday's GTWM Podcast. This is Pao, 35ys old, in Davao. He left the United Arab Emirates because he got his girlfriend pregnant. Now he's faced with the same problem in Davao, but 2 MORE times! What a story. His NEW 16 year old girlfriend is 3 months pregnant as well as her mom. THREE! Tatlong panganay, simultaneously. And what's his official designation, halfdad and stepbrother? You do the math! 😂

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