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DJ Monopoli  I'm the guy that plays everything in @TeraBrite and loves every second of it! NEW VIDEO:

What's up guys. Here is a picture of @djmonopoli which is me.

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Thanks for watching make sure to subscribe and leave a comment and rate and bing that bell button because the subway boxes are broken. Okay I'll see you next time.

Waiting for the day that one of these silly things blows up and I become famous for making a fool of myself. That's the American dream! 👍

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#musicallyapp #musically

From my #musically account.

We have profiles now! Go follow them and we can duet: @djmonopoli @sabrinabrite

A photo of me wearing yellow pants that you can't see and also a trendy hat. 📷: @sabrinabrite

I became an uncle today! Adelina be like #HelloWorld

If you're looking at this picture and wondering if you should like it or not.. You probably shouldn't.

Does reverse psychology actually work? I guess we will see. 📷: @sabrinaabuobeid

This is what health looks like.

It's been a while. How are you? We have a new channel that we started with @russotalks and @megerraa called @bfgfbattles! Check it out!

When fall is up and your fly is down.

Sup 📷: @sabrinaabuobeid

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