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Grzegorz Sherrell (allegedly)  •1x Cancer ass whooper •5x SF DMC Finalist •Resident DJ @MayesSF 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇳🇱🇩🇪🇪🇸🇨🇦🇲🇽🇯🇵🇸🇪🇮🇹🇨🇱🇳🇵🇵🇱🇮🇸

It's about that time of the year (Easter) when we get together and mob down the mean streets of San Francisco on #bigwheels. Holler at me if you're down to roll!!! #byobw #livealittle #cominginhot #twrecks #bigkidshit

Opening for @jodyhighroller April 3rd in Petaluma.
Tickets available at these locations @thephoenixtheater @wattsmusicnovato @thelastrecordstore
And online. Hit me for the link!

Limited edition Rane 62z for sale. Works with Serato ScratchLive and Serato DJ. Great for scratching, and mixing. It's in great working condition. There is one button that is damaged. I looked it up and they cost just under $12. There is a missing piece of rubber from the left gain knob. It could use a little lube on the upfaders. Crossfader is Butter(this is good) and mechanically this tank works great. We've been through many dj battles together and I don't want to get rid of it but hard times call for drastic measures. My loss is your gain. Make an offer! 707-321-5515

MOM signed, sealed and delivered for real 😳. These two first connected at MOM SF, which led to this... #bestmondaysonearth #momsf #momdjs #motownonmondays #momfam

Just posted mix from the @madlib @noisepop show @1015sf the other night. Y'all wanna hear it? •
⚠️-->LINK IN BIO<--⚠️

PART 1: During my trip to the @redbull3style world finals in #Krakow #Poland this year I took a side trip to pay my respects to the 1.1M human beings who were brutally murdered at #auschwitz. Just before we got there as I looked out the window of our luxury charter bus I compared the means of travel and comfort we endured to the disgustingly cruel and inhumane slaughterhouse ways men, women and children did. We watched these same trees, snow, roads, brick buildings, white sky, breathed in the same air, heard the same birds, the same silence, and felt the same painfully cold breeze that Jews, POWs, Romas, Poles and many other nationalities experienced. We also shared the idea that we were only going to be here temporarily. The difference that history holds in the 78 years that separates our experiences is what clicked in my mind and triggered the reality of that moment, bringing my emotions to the surface and pushing them out through my eyes in the form of tears that I did my best to hide from my dj friends sitting in the seats next to me. That difference was that we got the privilege to leave and go back to where we came from. We hadn't even arrived yet and my stomach was turning. I got this same vision as we walked to Aushwitz-Birkenau the second camp where most of the larger gassings occured (the walk is captured in the second video). In order to get the most cooperation from the exterminatees the SS led them to believe that Auschwitz was a checkpoint hub before being shipped off to far away destinations. They went as far as even telling people to write their names on their luggage so that it would be easier to locate baggage later. You can imagine the excitement and care that Sara took as she marked her suitcase with her big yellow pen to make sure she would be reunited with her favorite dress or family picture. Upon arrival to Birkenau and other camps Women, children, sick, weak, and the elderly were separated from the strong men and sent to the left stripped naked and sent to the "shower rooms" where they would be locked in and gassed 2 thousand at a time. Canisters of zyklon B would be dropped from above. Imagine looking up and this being your last view.

@mayessf tonight along side the homie @djmaniakal mixing music videos all night! Hit me to skip the line 707-321-5515 #fourthfridays 📸: @katebayly

⚠️LINK TO MIX IN BIO⚠️ Absolute honor to share the stage with this human being tonight. And in front of so many friends and fans. It's not easy getting put on in this industry. Believe it or not there are really only a few people in San Francisco who believe in me and book me. Tonight with the support of my followers, I put myself there. The only reason I was on that stage was because I won a contest. But I earned it with 18 years of passion, hunger, determination, persistence. I want to thank all of my supporters. I hope to have many more opportunities to show you how Lazyboy gets down. Shout to all the folks who helped me be prepared for this show: @djbeset @djsteve1der @shortkut @platurn @djsaurus @nautshot @heykingmost @siezski @inka_one @miguele415 @jjbrown5g @djaudio1 @truthlive @the1jaylove and a special shout to @darth_vinyl_ for telling me about the contest, I would not have been up there if it wasn't for him. Ps shout to Jessica for the love online when I won! Thank you @1015sf fam for having me. Thanks to all the homies that came to support! Big up to all of the other djs on this stacked lineup! I remember getting on the mic and just telling the crowd how GREAT it felt to be up there. This is what I L❤️VE for. #noisepop

I would first like to thank my fans, supporters and friends for your votes! I couldn't have done this without you! I would also like to take a moment to give a special shout to this awesome guy @darth_vinyl_ who I met at the @redmangilla show last month. He is the one who told me about this contest and encouraged me to enter. Thank you for believing in me when I thought there wasn't a chance. I would also like to thank @dothebay and @sergdun for allowing me to be part of this show! This is a dream come true and I'm excited to rock the crowd! Come catch me open for @madlib @quasimoto this upcoming Thursday @1015sf!!! We did it!!!! #teamlazyboy

Send your Motown, Motoem sound, closely related remix for your chance to be featured on VOL. 8 of our MOM REMIXES!!! Msg me for more details if you are just seeing this now and want to try and squeeze something in last minute!

Today is my last day in 🇵🇱 😍. It is also the LAST DAY TO VOTE!!! ***You can vote once a day! You can help me win a chance to DJ with @madlib @quasimoto! This one is for #pamthefunkstress 🙏🏼💜
•Click the link in bio
•Scroll down to "Cast your vote"
•Log in to your FB account
•Enter your email
•Check the box in my video

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