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Over the weekend I’ve had a few people ask if I’ll be stepping on stage again soon... and the answer is a no... for now. -
That doesn’t mean that my training and nutritional habits have changed at all, it just means I won’t be putting on any fake tan and getting up on stage for a while lol. -
Right now, all of my energy is going into my training (bigger, stronger, faster and leaner), business setting BIGGER goals and doing MORE work), putting out quality content (IG, daily emails, podcasting etc), getting my clients results (the most important thing if you’re a trainer) and just doing normal ‘life stuff’ 🏆 #DKFITNESS

Thanks to everyone who came to the Brisbane @ausfitnessshow today to join @laura.henshaw @stephclairesmith and I for a #KIC workout 🔥💪🏻 #workout

About to go IN on this snickers bowl 😍 Whole, nutrient dense foods which still equates to calories. As long as your food is accounted for (regardless of what it is) then you don’t need to sacrifice progress #DKFITNESS

After feeling good for 3 sets of 6 last week at 150, today I bumped it up to 4 x 6 at 160 😈 #DKFITNESS #squats

Friday’s usually arms day for me but taking the harder option and doing my 2nd legs session for the week instead 😈 For any of the @keepitcleaner girls that are heading to the Brisbane fitness expo tomorrow I’ll see you there! Come join @laura.henshaw @stephclairesmith and myself for a workout 👊🏻 #DKFITNESS #KIC

1. Train your abs/core like any other muscle group. Multiple times per week with varied rep ranges, exercises and loads.
2. Eat in a calorie deficit to reduce overall body fat % consuming at least 2-2.5g of protein per kilo of body weight (you CAN’T spot-reduce body fat)
3. Be consistent as fuck with steps 1 and 2 🔥 #DKFITNESS

Benefits of supersetting exercises👇🏻
👉🏻Time efficient 👉🏻Great way to bump up intensity 👉🏻A quick way to take a muscle group to failure (when supersetting the same muscle group or similar movements)
Negatives of supersetting exercises👇🏻
👉🏻Will lead to faster fatigue which can reduce the overall volume lifted in a session 👉🏻Can be hard to do in a busy gym without losing the equipment you’re using or pissing people off 👉🏻Not a great idea for those trying to build strength #DKFITNESS

Using a broomstick is a great way to learn/teach the correct posture for a Romanian deadlift #DKFITNESS #hamstrings #glutes #deadlift @progression_fitness_club

Chest-supported lateral raises 🔥 Lifting cues, pull the dumbbells apart, relax hands and lift with the elbows 💪🏻 #DKFITNESS

1. Sit with your mid-back resting on the box
2. Find a foot position that is comfortable for you and that gives you the best glute activation in the top (full extension) position. Some people find it best with feet shoulder width, others find it better wider or narrow.
3. Feet should be close to your body (the further away from your body they are, the more you’ll feel it in your hamstrings)
4. Pull belly button in towards the spine, keeping pelvis in either a slight posterior tilt or neutral
5. Push your hips up as high as possible, squeezing your glutes at the top position
6. Keep head and shoulders slightly rounded to prevent your lower back from arching (causing lower back pain/tightness) @stephclairesmith #DKFITNESS #glutes

New iron 👀
Feels good to be in a solid routine with my training lately. Eating 3,000 calories per day which is roughly my maintenance, could definitely be eating more but will maintain this conditioning if not a little leaner for the US in a few weeks 🇺🇸 Lifting 6 x per week, running once or twice and now just need to add some extra mobility and Pilates back into the mix 🔥 #DKFITNESS

Today’s deadlifts cooked me 🔥 4 x 8 @ 165kg #DKFITNESS #volume #deadlifts

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