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Danny Kennedy ONLINE TRAINER🌏  @musclenation Strength/Fitness coach @keepitcleaner PT @samantha_mark @athletikan ‘DK15’ The Fitness and Lifestyle Podcast 🎤

Launch day for @chloeszep and @szep 🔥🙏🏻 congratulations legend!!

Today’s run felt great after doing a session with @thebalancedrunner late last week. Paul helped me make a few small changes to my running technique which has completely changed my efficiency and the way my running feels for the better 🏃🏻‍♂️ We recorded a podcast after our session which will available on @spotifyaunz and iTunes on Tuesday this week 🔥

New addition to the decorations for the apartment😍 In elite company with just one other decoration being the mini basketball ring 🏀😂 Absolutely stoked with how this turned out thanks to @domgauci_designs 🙏🏻 #DKFITNESS #MJ #goat

Finish the week strong 😈 #DKFITNESS

A quick look at @chloeszep lower body session today 🔥
Squats, glute bridge, RDL’s, Hip thrusts, short range lunges, lying hamstring curls 🍑
Not long now until @szep gym wear is released 👀 #DKFITNESS #glutes #workout

Substituted sumos out for trap bar deadlifts today 🔥 #DKFITNESS #deadlift

Loving kettlebell presses lately for shoulder health and an extra challenge/way to overload without increasing weight 💪🏻 @musclenation #DKFITNESS #shoulders

Just wrapped up this week’s episode of The Fitness and Lifestyle podcast with @mikeforbes72 🙏🏻🎙
Forbsey is a former professional triathlete who has been a paraplegic for the past 11 years after an accident during a training ride. This episode is truly inspiring and one you don’t want to miss 🔥Thank you for joining me and sharing your story legend
The link to the episode is in my bio 🔗 #DKFITNESS #podcast #FitnessandLifestyle #inspiring

Instagram vs reality after we finish filming new workouts for @keepitcleaner 😂🥊 They are tough!! @laura.henshaw #KIC

The face I make when a client complains about doing sled pushes for 2 minutes #DKFITNESS

This is my playground 😈 #thattimeagain #DKFITNESS

“I don’t have abs” AKA “I have too much body fat to see my abs”
Everyone has abs, if your goal is to see them then shift your focus to eating in a slight calorie deficit for an extended period of time instead of doing countless ab exercises to help reduce your body fat % low enough to reveal them #DKFITNESS

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