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Kenneth Caruso  Decorative Artist. Owner of #alternativeinteriors. Dj for Avid art collector. Graffiti hunter. @art_for_a_cure founder blogger for:

L💜💜💜💜💜💜VE THESE GUYS !! 🙏🙏 @friendswithyou
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(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Accoustic Tour * Spread Love ♥ @jbalvin 🌈❤️ #jbalvin x #friendswithyou

ART RULES!!!! And it’s the artist,no matter how broad that definition may be, who always shines the light and leads the way...🙏🙏🙏🙏 congratulations @jonasbrwood
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Jonas Wood's "Japanese Garden 3" sold for a new artist record of $4.9 million at Christie's New York earlier this week to benefit Global Wildlife Conservation. The hammer price was matched at 400% by Rainforest Trust and Global Wildlife Conservation to total $20,910,000 for land conservation, as part of the Art to Acres initiative.

The proceeds from the sale will purchase and fund a 600,000-acre reserve of South American rainforest that will aid the area’s biodiversity including protecting several native endangered species and combating climate change.
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@jonasbrwood @rainforesttrust @christiesinc @vabrodie @HaleyMellin @global_wildlife_conservation
Jonas Wood, "Japanese Garden 3," 2019, oil and acrylic on canvas, 88 × 98 inches (223.5 × 248.9 cm) © Jonas Wood

What is already sure to be one of the most memorable and killer line up of cutting edge artist is rounded up’s by Carl Kostyál for @kostyalstockholm much anticipated group show ‘Malmo Sessions’ .. All this talent under one roof should be highly combustible!!! Shout outs to my FAM with @oli.epp @austinleee @robertnava7 @palladingdong @majadjordjevic_ @benjaminspiers and @artposer and congratulations to every participant in this epic event. Show VIP is tomorrow night May 18 from 6-8 pm and the show opens on the 19 and runs till June 16. 🙏🙏🙏 #oliepp #austinlee #robertnava #majadjordjevic #benjaminspiers #alexgardner #malmösessions #carlkostyal #carlkostyalgallery #malmo #contemporaryart

RIP I.M.Pei... A true American Icon and one of the greatest visionaries in the world of architecture. Born in 1917 this Chinese American has given us some of the most beautifully visible designs around the world. Truly one of my heroes growing up loving architecture and design as he never cared about the critics or the Na sayers. 🙏🙏🙏 #I.M.Pei #archetecture #designers #visionaries #iconofdesign

‘Never Judge a Book by its COVER!!’ my momma would always say... but you can judge ones by their sides,strategically stacked and painted into some BADASS works of art. My buddy @nick.georgiou has a killer show ‘Codex Chroma’ opening tonight at @allouchegallery . So head on down and get schooled on BOOKS BABY!! 💥💥💥 #nickgeorgiou #allouchegallery #artopenings #nycart #artbooks #contemporaryart #sculpture #codexchroma

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! To every woman who takes on this hardest job EVER.... and there is no retiring from this 24-7 because it never ends.. shout out to ALL care givers... it’s that unconditional act of Love that is amazing energy and helps every being grow. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #happymothersday❤️ #Catherinethegreat #bestmomever

Who needs color!!??... Def for @immikelee and @annaparkart my new favorite family members it’s over rated. These two insanely talented artist share the love of their color palette... or lack of it and that’s what sets them apart from all the rest and leaves more to the observers own imagination... Great conversation happen when you let your guard down and can just be yourself. Heartfelt thanks to Mike and Anna for rolling with the punches and just being down to earth and two of the nicest peeps during what was probably the longest studio visit I ever had in my fucking loooooong ass LIFE!!! But killer fun to boot.💜 🙏🙏 #holdtheeggs #parkingsucks #galleryhopping #contemporaryart #mikelee #annapark #blackandwhite #oiloncanvas #charcoal #insanleytalented #risingstars #watchoutartworld #dopeday

Today is the long awaited opening of the KILLER Double billing at @mocadetroit for two of the biggest art world darlings.. @elmersfud ‘Fast Eddie’ and @Kaws ‘Alone Again XX’
Both of these beast hold the Tri-State area in common .. Martinez born in Connecticut ,Donnelly born in Jersey and both starting their careers on the streets of NYC and have moved on to bigger and better things... I can’t imagine either of the two ever dreaming the roads would lead to some of the best art collections and museum shows in the world. The two approach their craft in totally different manners yet their both stealth like focus is always on and especially honed in the final details like no other. #eddiemartinez #kaws #fasteddie #aloneagain #mocad #openings #librarystreetcollective @librarystreetcollective #contemporaryart #nycart

This is without a doubt my favorite image of the MOUSE by the great Gottfried Helnwein
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Gottfried Helnwein's Mouse 1 is currently overlooking our upcoming exhibition, Mickey Mouse: From Walt to the World. It took a team of six to get this artwork up on the wall. See it for yourself starting May 16.
Gottfried Helnwein, Mouse 1, 1995; Courtesy of @sfmoma

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Don’t miss tonight’s opening of ‘Under Pressure’ @teijihayama first solo show with @arshamfieggallery at the Lafayette @kith Teiji’s unique style of oil paintings are definitely a must to behold and take this newbie seriously. Show is from 8:00 pm on and the artist will be in attendance. #teijihayama #oilpaintings #underpressure #kith #arshamfieggallery #nycopenings #337lafayettest

Happy Birthday to the one who started my passion for the ART... though I’ve always been creating myself and loved the medium.. Kieth Haring helped me appreciate and see what could be achieved through the arts. He truly was the artist of my generation for the world to appreciate and fall in love with and wanted to give back in big ways,by doing.... #keithharing #happybirthday #contemporaryart #streetart #graffitiart #activist #silence=death

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Eighteen is proud to present Peanuts - a group exhibition of ten painters, join us for the official opening Friday, May 3, 5-9pm.
Featuring Eddie Martinez, Bill Adams, Marcus Jahmal, James Ulmer, Derek Aylward, Rafael Delacruz, Patrick Walsh, Ulrich Wulff, Adrianne Rubenstein and Odessa Straub, Peanuts explores the language of contemporary figurative painting where composition oscillate between elegant collapse and intuitive figurative cognition. Visually, the exhibition presents great diversity, offering refined and radical breaks, but at the same time there is a coherence in the group - a love for, a trust in, and an ambition with painting. Not unlike the visual mindset of Asger Jorn and the CoBrA collective that we in Northern Europe know so well, yet often forget the meaning of. In the beginning was Painting.
Concurrently opening @v1gallery solo exhibitions by Jon Pilkington @jpilkington1 and Klara Lilja @klara_lilja. For more info, visit website or contact gallery. Link in bio.
Eddie Martinez
Untitled, 2019
Oil on canvas
76 x 101,5 cm
@eddiemartinezstu @totallybloated ⠀⠀
#eddiemartinez #peanuts #eighteengallery #derekaylward #billadams #marcusjahmal #jamesulmer #rafaeldelacruz #patrickwalsh #ulrichwulff #adriannerubenstein #odessastraub #v1gallery

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