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The 5 Foot Assassin 🔥💽🏢💽🔥  God's Favorite DJ PV Alumnus Youtube: DJ Juice Da 5'5 ↘💦🍇🔪Financial Aid Mixtape🔩🍇💦↙

Crowd Control 101:
You Can’t Have A Party With No Juice #JuiceSZN #ItsDirty #bookmenow📞 #VibeSelector #ItWasHotAsHell #GodBroughtMeThrough #IDidntPlayOneRequest😂
feat. @wavedup25 on the 🎤

Happy Mother’s Day to the best to ever so it. Love ya mama always 💕😘😍❤️ Sidenote: I’m really fine. No homo.

I fell off a bit adjusting to some new changes, but I’m coming back even harder. New mixes, new videos, more pictures, and a whole lot more networking. The official takeover begins Now! #ForeverBlessed
#ComebackSZN #JuiceSZN #ItsDirty

You Can’t Have A Party With No Juice.

What’s that saying...? Oh! Ya, You Can’t Have A Party With No Juice. 💪🏾🤷🏾‍♂️ #pvspringfest2k18

‪Wear your favorite 90s/2000s outfits ‬
‪$6 BBQ plates $3 with a copy of the mixtape ‬
‪cash app will be accepted come turn up @playingtrix @djjuiceda55 #pvamu #pv20 #pv19 #pv18

😂😂😂 #RollBounceChallenge

If I’m practicing leave me alone lol
This old tho.
Jan. 25, 2018

🚨🛑ATTENTION PVNATION! The tag team duo @djjuiceda55 and @djtechtrix are back... And they up to something. 😈 #itsfafsa #playingtrix #ItsDirty #financialaidthemixtape #pvspringfest2k18

If you been supporting DJ Juice Da 5’5 since “You Cant Have A Party With No Juice,” thank you. If you’re a new supporter thank you too. I love all of you and i appreciate all of you. New mixes coming soon and Shirts are coming VERY Soon. I’ll keep y’all updated.

Trust in God.

Big Facts. 😂

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