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With more areas around the globe being used for agriculture and development, elephants are increasingly at risk from poachers and other human encounters. At Kenya’s Mara Elephant Project, staff are turning to drones as a vital tool for managing these extraordinary animals.
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“I wanted to create a series of images just using the drone to see playgrounds and the people who use them from a different perspective. Playgrounds are full of surprises for a photographer. Pay attention to the colors, patterns and shapes. There is always something interesting to discover. This series documents the interaction of the shapes, colors and functionality of playgrounds and the people who use them with an emphasis in the color contrast between the outfits and the environment. The “from above” view brings a perspective that I have never witnessed before.” - @juancosoriophotography

Shot on his #DJI #Mavic2Pro #SeeTheBiggerPicture

Dramatic views... nothing new to those watching surfers on the North Shore @volcom @volcomsurf
Shot on #DJI #Mavic2Zoom #SeeTheBiggerPicture

Follow Guilherme Coelho (@rabbitfilms) and discover his world with #DJI #OsmoPocket, the tool that makes it easy to share your life whenever you have a new story to tell. #BecauseLifeIsBig

“Once I flew over my first whale, I was instantly hooked. To see a whale from a boat is a completely different experience than seeing a 50-100 foot whale from above with my Mavic 2 Pro. It was an awe inspiring moment that I wanted others to experience first hand in a safe environment. That’s why I have a monthly Droning With Whales & Dolphins Workshop. I want others (amateurs to experienced droners) to see what I’ve seen, with a team of experienced whale watchers on deck.” — @emilykaszton
Credit: @emilykaszton
Shot on #DJI #Mavic2Pro#SeeTheBiggerPicture

“The editing process plays a huge role in making my images stand out from others. I shoot only in RAW mode to get the most dynamic range out of the #Mavic2Pro. This gives me a lot of flexibility when editing the image afterward. I often wake up early to get the best light at dawn when shooting on location. Most of the time, I underexpose the image about half a stop, knowing that I can recover the shadows while keeping the highlights from blowing out.” - @henry_do

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“Learning about the technical aspect of photography and the foundation are really what every drone pilot should do if they want to create that perfect image.” - @henry_do

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Henry Do was born and raised in Vietnam. At the age of 12, he immigrated to the United States with his aunt, looking for the American Dream that so many pursue, leaving behind his parents and three younger siblings. From an early age, Henry was fascinated with technology. He would salvage old computer parts from neighbors and try to rebuild them into a working machine. It was through the love of tinkering with electronics that he first got into photography; a 2-megapixel camera on an old Sony Ericsson K750i mobile phone in 2005. He was amazed at how the tiny phone could deliver what, at that time at least, seemed like a very high quality image.
Since then Henry has parlayed his love of computers into a career as a cybersecurity professional. And his passion for photography has expanded into commercial jobs, working with partners like BMW, Samsung, Red Digital Cinema and Lufthansa Airline.
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GOOD TIMES. Follow skater @tomerikryen on a smooth ride down Venice Beach boardwalk in sunny Los Angeles, California. Check out the full video on IGTV.
Credit: @motioncraftaerials
Shot entirely on #DJI #MavicAir #AdventureUnfolds

Zoom through the Empty Quarter of #SaudiArabia to discover otherworldly perspectives of this vast and undiscovered landscape.
Credit: @mijlof
Shot on #DJI #Mavic2Zoom #SeeTheBiggerPicture

Croatia, Greece, the Caribbean - any place that you choose will conjure up a week of incredible fun and beautiful seas with @theyachtweek .
Credit: @airlenspr
Shot on #DJI #Mavic2Pro #OsmoPocket

There’s plenty of scenery to soak up! ☀️
Credit: @theblondeabroad
Shot on #DJI #Mavic2Pro

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