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Ernie  Taking Photos, Taking Inspiration, Taking Names, Taking Selfies, Taking...uh still trying to figure that part out. #Rewrite2018

Seeing the snow outside today, brings me back to the last time I remembered it snowed was at AUSA 2017 in December with this group photo of some fun times with some amazing people.

A lot of people have told me that I’m an extrovert. I think that I am an introvert personally. I have always been shy and then I have moments of pure outgoing. Therefore, this spoke to me. It’s a weird quality to have.

It’s always good to just rest up for a weekend & not worry about what’s going on in your personal/professional life. Spent the past couple of days in Ocean City with some friends & just relaxed. It’s always good to sleep in, unless Julie Andrews comes in screaming “THE HILLS ARE ALIVE WITH THE SOUND OF MUSIC!!!”

Sometimes on the road is when you truly find yourself. It may be easy for some to find who they are, but for me, I’m still on that journey.

This video describes the level of friendship that @joningoglia & I have...
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