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We far from being "God" , but we work "God" Damn Hard ‼️#9to5forwhat #NightLife #BestFriend

Happy Birthday to the Coolest, Flyest , best Cook in the City and most lovable Auntie in the World . Im happy God chose me to be your niece . You keep me going with your positive words and views on life . You've been my #1 supporter in everything I've ever wanted to do in life . Sometimes I wonder how are you able to be so strong , loving and able to keep the family together so effortlessly . I know grammie is looking down and smiling from ear to ear at her daughter that she raised so amazingly . I'm forever in debt with you because you treat me like I am your own daughter AND the ability to make the entire love you with one sit down conversation ‼️ Enjoy your birthday auntie . Unlimited HENNY SHOTS just don't sneak upstairs on me 😂😂😂 LOVE YOU SG @sg_1300

#Motivation : NEVER GIVE UP! WHATS FOR YOU WILL BE FOR YOU. ITS IN THE HANDS OF NO ONE BUT GOD . So I'm just in my room chillin and getting dressed and out of no where My First Ever appearance on Radio @boomphilly Throwback Mix Came on. I was DJing in Texas with @brezofficial while it was playing and I cried my eyes out because I was told I would never be on Air/Radio. Thanks @djjayski for believing in me and taking that chance on Memorial Day Weekend 2016 ! I owe you the WORLD ‼️

I been around for a minute tho , some of y'all just catching on. Me and @teyanataylor killed that show ... #9to5ForWhat

Put me anywhere in the world , I'll out work anybody . My hustle, confidence and commitment is different . I don't act like I have it all or take things for granted because Nothing was ever giving to me. According to the masses I ain't have what it takes. So when I make it I don't owe nobody nothing but only to the people who believed in me and put me on ! ITS GONNA TAKE ME A LITTLE WHILE LONGER . BUT IVE BEEN AT IT ALMOST 8 YEARS SO WHATS ANOTHER 2 MORE TO GIVE TO THIS DREAM . AFTER THAT , IM LA BOUND . I SEE THE VISION .

#motivation : One or my favorite quotes come from Toni Morrison "Stop Seeking Why , and Start asking How" . Why is for the Past & How is for the Future 💯‼️ #StayBlessed @wallo267 #MOTIVATION #dontquit #hustlehard #noexcuses #investinyourself #FreeSamples #offeryourservices #inspirationalquotes #intern #gogetter #createopportunities #wallo267challenge #wallo #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife #slicktalksundays PLEASE SHARE THIS POST ‼️💯

AYEEEEEE !!! Damnnnn S/o to @djdocb for playing my throwback party music ‼️ YOU ABOUT TO HAVE ME MAKE MORE MUSIC

I keep a pillow with me just because I'm tired of niggas 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️😴😴 #FutureHats #TheOldDiorBack

Me asking @nadythebody how the hell did we even meet and her telling me she don't know but I'm stuck with her 😂😂😂😂

#WeAround : MY FAMILY SO POPPIN YOOOO @naimah_29 spotted in the #9to5forwhat Original Edition T-Shirt. Available in (S-XxL ) . Delivery & Pop Up Cop Up as well ‼️

#WeAround : The only man that will ever have my HEART unconditionally ❤️ MY DAD spotted in the #9to5forwhat Original Edition T-Shirt. Available in (S-XxL ) . Delivery & Pop Up Cop Up as well ‼️

#Motivation : This is for the people who wait on other people to Help them reach their DREAMS/GOALS. 🛑 STOP waiting for people to put you on or inviting you to ride their band wagon . Drive your own car or at lease get your license AKA have the knowledge/ confidence of knowing you can drive your own dreams but rather ride with people who are DRIVING IN A LANE that can dominate your destination ‼️💯 @wallo267 #MOTIVATION #dontquit #hustlehard #noexcuses #investinyourself #FreeSamples #offeryourservices #inspirationalquotes #intern #gogetter #createopportunities #wallo267challenge #wallo #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife #slicktalksundays PLEASE SHARE THIS POST ‼️💯

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