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IF YOU CK  A visual diary on a non-linear timeline. KICKS/HI • STA • BAMP • SUPERHANDSOME™ 🍕🎉 Stream/DL my mixes & edits:

I am closing out the $UICIDEBOY$ show from the @itsasafehouse DJ booth tonight (THURS 4/27). Much new rap will be played.
There is no cover after the concert so stick around/come thru after for drinks and dancing. The kitchen will be open til 11P.

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One of my favorite photos of one of the realest.
I took this in the old La Brea office a couple years ago when I stopped by to catch up.
I have the utmost respect for people who have put in major work to be where they're at. A lot of times, the public doesn't see the behind the scenes blood, sweat and tears that go into running a business, and especially so as an independent retailer/brand, but I've known Mega since his days working in the OG HUF shop on Sutter and he has created (with his team: s/o @alexaquino @blvckalfred @antnoir) a global brand that is still not even close to where I know he wants to take it. I think its that endless pursuit fueled by a hungry passion that motivates a rare handful more than others. Be humble, but also be able to stand your ground and call people out on their bullshit. Glad to call this man a friend and brother.
I am grateful to know people who are cut from that same cloth: @een_g @painkillers @blaisesato @djxl @flyingcoffin @fourcolorzack @frankthebutcher @generalcrook @allchrome @murderedoutx @mattbruening @pineappleice off top.



Giving directions in Hawaii is never the actual cross street or address - it is always a reference to "where such and such (insert building/business) used to be".
Took this photo a couple of days before this building, which existed my entire life, was ultimately demolished. Sometimes I find myself wishing I had more meaningful experiences with people and places that are now gone or in the past: neighborhood mom & pop restaurants, record stores, relatives, ex-girlfriends, etc. We live so much in the next that we don't appreciate the now anymore.

Serious hang time. 4/23/17
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*Listen To Your Mother* 7/24/16
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La Jolla Burns Drugs. 10/4/14
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Its all relative(s). 4/23/17
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