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Tpayne  LA->SF Audio Engineer/Nonprofit Founder @adifferentdrumla


When your dog sends you a valentine in the mail.... with a little help from @rebelbabekid

When your best friend says they need an “eat, pray, love” weekend, you pull out all the stops for them. We ate the best, we explored Los Angeles, and loved every moment of it. Ready for next time already. Love you, @jtorres0323 #getthefuckup

Guarding the fortress.

Doing things with this guy is okay.

White wine with a side of dead eyes. Happy Friday.

Did some art stuff with a dude.

Thanks for never disappointing me @bootiela and @raiddancers
That hair flip at the end though 💁🏼‍♂️

Thanks brain.

Free shows between the hours of 6am-8am and 7pm-11pm.

After being in the studio for so many days in a row I’ve lost count, today was spent with my number 1 gal and it was so lovely. We went for a hike that led us to a waterfall. Went shopping at Target (her fav store because toys), and ended the day with some coffee at my fav neighborhood cafe. She chewed on her new toy for a bit and then fell asleep snuggling it on the couch💓

Went to a Harry Potter party last night for @noisynora’s bday. I’ve never seen the movies but felt pretty good about my house choice. #slytherin

Hey Los Angeles, you’re looking mighty fine today.