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Taran Jesse Payne  LA->SF Audio Engineer/Nonprofit Founder @adifferentdrumla

Classy on the outside. Dead on the inside. 🕺🏼🖤

Sometimes I let people get real close to me. #tbt #boyf #🖤

There have been just a few places in my life that I’ve been able to walk into and feel completely safe, comfortable & seen. @cutiesla is one of them, and by far my favorite. Whether you live in Los Angeles or not, please consider contributing to this necessary establishment for the lgbtqia community. Contribute and know that you are helping to keep this space alive for me and so many others. Share this info on your platforms if you can’t. Follow the link on my page to donate. #keepcutiesalive

DeerTick, Garbage & Iggy Pop all in one night. Not featured; tenacious D & the foo fighters. Despite the incredible line up, my favorite part was when it actually started raining as @garbage began singing #imonlyhappywhenitrains Magic is real.

3 day weekend, pew pew 🕺🏼🕺🏼

Because it’s @halfsican ‘s bday tomorrow, here’s some really terrible photos of us. #tbt

Experienced my first hologram show last night. It was spooky, creepy and wonderful. #royorbison #prettywoman #yougotit

An image of me attempting to navigate housing resources for the homeless and opiate addicted community. Quite literally some of the worst holding music I’ve ever experienced. Featuring: a real phone. ☎️


3 years on t today, 💉. Gonna treat myself to a fancy coffee in a new neighborhood.

I’ve been moving my life around every night this week, but tonight is for this pup. And maybe pizza.

@florenceandthemachine was pretty magical last night. ✨🖤#betweentwolungs #dogdaysareover #cosmiclove