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Taran Jesse Payne  LA->SF Audio Engineer/Nonprofit Founder @adifferentdrumla

Should this photo that I sent to @gino_the_destroyer in the middle of the night be on all of my dating profiles? Would it help or hinder? 🤔🤔

I try to navigate each day with kindness, compassion, empathy and understanding and I often feel like it’s not enough. I’m not doing enough for my loved ones, for my community, for the world. What’s not being seen by me? This is the first time I’ve seen an imagine of myself that I felt truly captured my inner essence and is reflected on my exterior. Thanks to my talented friend @alanbeingalan for seeing me and wanting to capture it. 🖤 #tbt

Got to pluck on a 1929 Martin 17- T tenor guitar on my last day in Nashville. Now off to LA..

Made it back to Nashville for the night, but not before making a few stops along the way. Caught the 1 and only Bishop Al Green for his full gospel tabernacle church service this morning, then popped over to the historical Elmwood Cemetery. Then a quick stop at the ONLY Tina Turner museum in the country, that lives inside her childhood school house. After that it was off to Loretta Lynn’s GIANT ranch where we discovered acres of corn hiding behind her home. We arrived to our cute house for the night, and quickly went for Nashville hot chicken. The end.

I’ve basically waited the entire trip to get to this place. The spookiness, the history, the 1 item menu (aka the soul burger), and the haunted jukebox.... fuck yeah. I am thrilled to be here.
Upstairs is a retired brothel space, which also has the bathroom where Ray Charles overdosed. 13 people have died here, including the last owner who committed suicide in his office, which has been padlocked since. Just to share a tid bit of the history...#soulburger

Well, we made it to Memphis and I’m in love.

Don’t mind me, just naked in some corn somewhere in Tennessee 🌽🍑

From Nashville we drove the 40 east. It’s the most green I’ve probably ever seen in my life. We took a pit stop in Knoxville for coffee, which happened to be across the street from a lovely cemetery. Before getting to Dollywood, we took a detour into Dolly’s hometown to visit her statue, and then to track down her childhood homes. Both of which we found successfully, deep in the Tennessee mountains. Finally, we entered Dollywood. @aidynblayne found Dolly’s original tour bus, and I found a xylophone made out of cast iron. 🤷🏼‍♂️🖤 #dollyday

Walking through the Ryman Auditorium brought up some major feels for me. Not only is it super haunted, it’s had some of the greatest performers and historical moments on its stage. Not only that, during its most successful run, it was managed and booked by one woman. There’s nothing to not love about this place. 🖤

The Parthenon, country music hall of fame, hatch print shop, the Ryman, johnny cashs grave, Grand Ole Opry, and dolly partons old Brentwood estate. WHAT A DAY.

Made it to nashville, after watching Thelma & Louise and The Lion King (def cried in public). Already drank Tennessee rain filtered water, and had chicken wings with beer. Success.

Never thought I would relate to a hedgehog, but here I am.