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CizlΓ©  Eat πŸ’ PrayπŸ™πŸ½ Love πŸ’


Awesome Djaying alongside @djxclusive83 today, not to hard to see why he's so blessed.

What more can I say, to have you, I'm not lucky, i'm blessed. @kikky_sylvy Happy Val's day.

Admiration for this ladies on a thousand trillion @kikagoodhair @chiomagoodhair #inspiration #wcw

@georgeebeh taught me that "Hope is not a strategy" and Robert greene defined strategy as series of actions aimed towards a particular goal. So we cant just hope the fuel cues will go away, we'll have constant electricity and an accountable leader. We all have to make moves and getting our PVC is a damn good place to start. #ArticlesByCizle

Those who know me well know me as tappa tappa!!! Yeah we had a jam that turnt way b4 Davido wrote common entrance, so it's amazing we're still entertaining and working hard despite not getting the results we would have wished for!!! To anyone in the struggle keep at it, someone asked, if i knew how i'll have a succesfull marriage with @kikky_sylvy , i replied with plenty talk. He said the answer in Three Words "keep chasing her" that's my massage for myself & you today. Keep Chasing what you love!!! The blessing is in the chase. Download and Share #Shakushaku by @rudebonegram (link on his bio/blog) http://www.rudebone.com/shaku-shaku-the-new-dance-every-celebrity-is-dancing/ #ArticlesByCizle

When i was younger, i hated Eba 😑(Garri, mixed with hot water by a wooden spoon called "turning garri" πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ)This article should be called pride comes before a fall because Eba was proud. Back then Eba controlled over 80% of the swallow market and was right there with Rice, Indomie and Oxygen as basic necesity for Nigerians. Eba's ealier major competition was pounded yam, but pounded yam was expensive to buy and tedious to cook, so naturally Eba felt the battle has been won, then along came semo. Eba underestimated the competition beliving Nigerians will not eat flour. The Early versions of semo were terrible though but they kept improving on ease of preparation and quality while Nigerians standard of living and taste preference also improved. Eba failed to innovate and remained the course salty tasting swallow while new varities of floor flooded the market and appealed to kids, then with the advent of healthy living, that nailed the coffin on Eba as parents started gearing towards wheat and oatmeal floor. Now Eba barely survies with less than 15% of the swallow market and even being out sold by Basmati Rice. Please, do not be like Eba, continuously improve yourself ✌🏽#articlesbycizle

See ehn, on the last day, just tell the angel at the gate that you are from Nigeria, he'll understand. Haba!!! We can't suffer twice. Everything in Nigeria is hard, Voters registration is hard, voting is hard. Having a car is hard, not having a car is hard. Living in Nigeria is hard, dying is even harder!!! My guy tried to commit suicide, ended up buying fake "otapiapia" he has since spent over N30,000 treating typhoid/malaria. πŸ˜…

I've deejayed for couple of weddings but this was real special to me cus, the bride is about 40 and the groom is about 50, yet they had a beautiful marriage and the love kept them as youthful as ever. The key note from this is never give up on life, never give up on love, matter of fact never give up!!! Your own time is special, but you'll still have to be in the game to win.

Congratulations to one of my favorite artist of all time @brunomars stay winning!!!

Pinky!!! 🀣 @albinorella

So someone from on my Instagram is on #bbnnaija well there goes my support πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

Here comes the hot stepper murderer!!! πŸ”₯πŸ’ƒπŸ» #BabyOku #1000degrees #TGIF @kikky_sylvy @kessenzsignature

I'm the man in white in a couple of years (just a little richer though) 😊 #MCM @otedolaofficial

Read this last night and thought, I should share it. Have a blessed and productive week.

DJs can't explain how grateful we are for this ShakuShaku movement. We were so tired of low tempo music!!! #BringbackourUPTEMPO I mean last year after playing Wo and Penalty!!! Next na back to "πŸ˜” if I teh you say i love you!!! On top the heat of groove... πŸ˜’ in other news @rudebonegram dropping some fire πŸ€—πŸ”₯

Ready, set, action 🎬.... Starring @kikky_sylvy and @djcizle as the Co- star... Shot by @icemaniyke @ceejayogbu

The first step in getting out of a shithole is accepting we're in a shithole.
A country where the Government cannot perform the primary responsibility of protecting live and property is a shitthole.
A country's without constant power supply is a shithole.
A country with perennial fuel crisis is a shithole.
A country where leaders and institutions are unaccountable is a shithole.
It's only a shit hole where running a business is this hard.
We're blessed with mineral resources, favorable weather conditions and amazing people but a blessed shithole is still a shithole.

So let's collectively work together to get out of this shit hole (and I don't mean traveling out)

Everything for the Family!!!

Out with @sculptorsevents at the Expo in Millie House Sandrialla today.

@muhammadubuhari With all due respect sir, as a stake holder in this country YOU ARE FIRED, for doing such a terrible job at the helm of affairs of this country with no sign of improvement.

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