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I’ve been looking at boobs for the past 4 hours on various porn sites and it got me wondering, what’s so offensive about a woman’s nipple on non porn media when in most cases it looks just like a man’s? I’ve never went into shock or felt my life was threatened seeing a woman’s nipples in person. Inquiring minds would like to know.

Addicted to Triple 6 man......

This is one of the funniest verses I’ve ever heard lol, my dark sense of humor allows me to find this too hilarious but this is one dude I’ve never seen mentioned on Instagram through my years on here. Tweedy Bird Loc (fuckin Christ that name) was a Crip rapper that was in the same set as Eazy-E and throughout this album he disses him (quite throughly) because Eazy-E wouldn’t let him on the Ruthless Records roster. If you knew the kind of gimmick this guy was running, it’s pretty understandable why Eazy-E never signed him, let’s examine this further. Exhibit A, Tweedy Bird Loc disses the white race with this song named “My Dick Is Prejudice” Tweedy Bird handles the white women while the female MC handles the white boys and Mexicans apparently. This was a popular shock topic to hop on board with in the early 90’s, Ice Cube, MC Ren, X-Clan and Tweedy Bird Loc are a few culprits that took this approach dissing white people because of the Rodney King case mainly. Exhibit B, if you listen to the whole album this dude disses, KRS-One, Tim Dog, MC Ren, Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, white people, and basically the East Coast, but on his 1994 album he dissed, Queen Latifah, Dykes, Luke Skywalker (from The 2 Live Crew), MC Lyte, D-Nice, white people again, Eazy-E and MC Ren again. The dude was fuckin ridiculous but they’re all decent disses actually but this also puts him in a “gimmick rapper” category which was why he only had 2 albums because the disses were a see through tactic by his second album. All I can really say is that his voice was dope but his rhymes were okay, the disses however, probably the most disrespectful rapper when he’s dissing and that’s saying a fuck ton a lot, especially in this era. He just wasn’t good for business and marketing, so I guess Eazy-E was smart about not incorporating his gimmicky prowess to the Ruthless roster.

“Beats To The Rhyme” scratch. “I “Ain’t Goin Out Like That” instrumental.

Lord Infamous was that dude. RIP

Now this is some shit you would hear on 98.7 KISS FM with Kool DJ Red Alert back in the day. This is a completely forgotten MC by the name of J Rock that was down with DJ Premier and Guru during the early 90’s. This is also an early DJ Premier beat which sounds nothing like usual style that has been trademarked in Hip-Hop (except scratching for a chorus, that’s always been at the helm of a signature DJ Premier production.) Not sure of how many of you heard of J Rock, he had a minor hit called “Neighborhood Drug Dealer” generated from this album and it has a music video to accompany it. You can’t really find songs from this album individually on the internet but the full album is available on YouTube in one video. The album goes for $80 and up on vinyl so......that would be your best choice listening to this album, it’s pretty good, J Rock is promising but not amazing.

If this makes me sexist and an evil person, I don’t really care what you think but women aren’t funny to me, they can give you a chuckle based of something relatable they say to a degree but them being just plain funny and setting up a clever punchline from great build up that makes me laugh uncontrollably? It’s never happened. What I’ve noticed from women comedians is that their humor mostly relates to other women like vagina jokes and things that happens with them during sex....involving their vagina. Sex jokes are like a prerequisite gimmick to your average female comedian just like how black male comedians talk about white people doing this in contrast to black people when involved in the same situation. I get that both genders and different races have their staple comedic topics but what I find with females (mostly white female comedians) is their delivery sucks major shit. I’m not the kind of guy that needs a comedian to say “fuck” “mothafucka” “shit” “nigga” “bitch” and be the typical over the top black comedian because I find George Carlin to be a funny and clever comedian, he cusses too but it’s nowhere near like a Richard Pryor (70’s and 80’s era) Eddie Griffin or the worst offender, Kat Williams. Especially now that liberal and PC culture has infiltrated comedy and its being shown through people like Amy Schumer and Kathy Griffin, it’s just the worst kind of comedy you could ever see, I don’t even think women themselves for the most part find the cleanest, safest humor funny to them from female comedians, it’s really that bad. I’m as objective as possible when I listen to female comedians but they just suck. Don’t even get me started on Instagram female “comedians”, Jesus Christ they’re as funny as funerals. Humor is subjective, yes, but even if a woman talks about something I can somewhat relate too...I don’t know, they just suck at delivering and joke building.

Remade a beat I did 2 years ago, I didn’t like the way how one of the samples came out the first time I did it and I sequenced it here. All Issac Hayes samples.

There’s unofficial dates pertaining to the dates of the respective eras in Hip-Hop. This is what I think it is, but I could be wrong. The most commonly retconned and head cannon era is The Golden Age which I mostly engage with is 1984-1997, Run-DMC to me is like the Jesus of Hip-Hop because they changed a lot of stuff that may have been acceptable in the Old School but was now outdated like how the New Testament of The Bible is compared to the Old Testament. What do you guys think about these era dates? Oh and yes, I know there’s Underground eras but I would be here all day trying to pinpoint dates due to so many variables being involved categorizing the eras so I just gave the common era categories.

“Made In New York And Not Imported” scratch. “Fazers” instrumental.

I got fucked! Lol......payed $40 for this too.....I take my record collecting very seriously.

I’m only posting this because I was just at the same location that’s shown in the picture yesterday in Philly at the Museum of Art. Absolutely my favorite scratch in Hip-Hip history. This is DJ Too Tuff scratching (the white guy front and center) not that his race has anything to do with anything but just in case you wanted to know the hands behind this dope ass scratch. Tuff Crew has some of the dopest production in Philly in the late 80’s, their beats are incredible all thanks to the unsung L.A. Kid (seriously, this guy should have been a force to reckon with in the 80’s). They specialize in breakbeats and layer the most funkiest samples around them and sometimes DJ Too Tuff scratches the samples into the beats giving it more of a live sound which was pretty innovative at the time. Philly DJ’s like Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money and Too Tuff are serious talents. This is the Philly anthem in my opinion, this scratch seals the deal. Oh, “My Parta Town” is the song.

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