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@_riley_freeman_ He is a Real Nigaa 😂😂😂😂
#boondocks Watching The @theboondocksadultswim
We Waiting For New Season New Episodes.......Missing This

Age is a number, 
Life is a game. 
You struggle, you earn 
And you make a good name. 
On this journey you conquer, you achieve and you surpass the end. When woke up today I I knew it
Was my day , it was my birthday;
Where by;
We all know that , time never returns then how can I say that today is my birthday. If today is my birthday then the statement time never returns is false, if one has to celebrate the birthday means he has to do that on the day he took the first breath independently I mean the moment you were real born. That is the only day you were born not on day of the every year.
That is loop hole.
There is no “Today is my Birthday” only “Today was my birthday”. When I think about it ???? Its just a number and yet people impose a significance upon it, and think that if you´ve reached a certain age, you have to behave a certain way. I firmly believe that the date on your birth certificate only has a meaning if you allow it to. I refuse to
have anything to do with my biological age!
actually is quite depressing realising that another year has gone by! Anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME😊 ❤

Mood 😎😎🎧👌✨
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