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DJ  Indiana tech’19🤼‍♀️ Im just playing the hand i was delt🃏♣️♠️ 📸Smooth-operater

Supreme team

All gas no breaks🏎💨💨

I knew it wouldnt be long greatness comes with patience! 🤦🏽‍♂️👨🏿‍🎓🙌🏿

Black Buffs for those who like chocolate😎🍪🍫

I feel like people judge me,Because they dont like what ive become🐚🐛🦋

If this school stuff dont work out we will just go into the industry⭐️📸

I dont wanna die for them to miss me☘️☘️

Let me go to vs and grab this pic under the light👅👅

Ive got myself together thank you for what ive become, thank jesus for my sins i know that ive committed a ton🙏🏿Finally 21💎💎

We just out here taking life One Battle At a Time!1️⃣🥊 @⏰

People say that they aint seen me but that should say alot about me🔂

Bestfriend goals💞

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