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Handmade Pet Collars And More!  10% of each order goes to a shelter in need! Quality pet supplies and Customer service is our #1 goal!


New most popular print of #dizzydogdesigns at the moment! I think the galaxy print is still a high up there too, matching bracelets also seemed to be loved by all; So glad you all love them! The preorder on canvas collars has the same wait time as all our regular collars. The fabric will be ordered Monday, this being said it would be best to place your order for one today or tomorrow morning. The preorder sale will last until Wednesday. I apologize for my absence, a lot has been going on around here. But orders are still be filled and shipped! The last preorder sale fabrics should be arriving soon as well....very excited to get those made and shipped! #shopsmall

3 BRAND NEW eco friendly canvas prints going up for preorder...25% off!! This sale will also only be up for 5 DAYS!! I'm listing them all for preorder tonight! Why get a Canvas collar? It will out live any of our cotton fabric collars, great with mud, water, and rough wearing! Perfect for hiking and summer fun at the beach. Wipes of easy and for a better clean use water and dish soap! The buckle will not rust and neither will the adjuster or D ring. Each collar will have a colored nylon backing as well, this collar is not guaranteed To be stink proof. With washing with dish soap it should help prevent it if you're often getting the collar wet or dirty. All collars come with full metal hardware which is recommended for strong pullers. This is also available as a 1" martingale (not chain) for the same price. Normally this collar is retailed by my shop for $27 but now ONLY $20.25 with this sale....you can't beat that price for this type of collar!!! Please make sure to grab this while you can!

Awesome photo from @nikontrio thanks! Abby sporting her 1.5" galaxy martingale. Only 2 HOURS left to the preorder sale....if you want one or more of the prints at 30% off buy now to make sure you don't miss out! Check out the link in my bio and go under "Sales/ PREORDER" and take a peek at the 4 prints 😁💜

Thank you for this cute photo @themispits ! Dexter, Sky, and Bambi all have their #dizzydogdesigns 1" full fabric leashes and @themispitshop bandanas on! Perfect combo....I think so! Also a reminder the preorder sale is ending in 2 DAYS. I'd hate for someone to really want the print at a discount and miss out! I also may be lowering prices after the preorder sale is done....😱! If not expect it coming out late spring/early summer ❤💜 Hope everyone had a Happy Easter yesterday!

Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy 15% off your order today and tomorrow with code EASTERDAY ! I only ask you do not use this code with sale items or the preorder items! But feel free to use it with any regular priced item! 🌸🌷💐

White #lifeline combo collar! I think I like the white pattern better then the navy what about you? Defiantly much better for dark colored dogs! As of now to order the white lifeline pattern simply order the navy pattern but add a note of "white" rather then navy. Later on I will be adding a separate listing for this pattern. 😋❤

Service pup James looks awesome in his new gear! 3ft full fabric galaxy leash 5/8. And a #patienceandlove vest, doesn't purple and blue look amazing on him? Check out my etsy to find leashes, collars, and more!

Less then a week left to the preorder sale on these 4 amazing fabrics! Get your orders in now to revive 30% off (already marked down in listing), that said, if you're wanting one of these prints order with in the next 5 DAYS to get them on sale! A sale this large isn't often here. Usually I do at most 25% off, just giving everyone a heads up so they don't miss this! Find these listings under "Sale/PREORDER"

I'm so in love with these fabric leashes! So bright and colorful, all leashes are heading to @themispits ! Did you know for FREE a D ring can be added to your leash? The chevron pattern only has less then 2yrds left in stock then it will be removed from the shop; If you've been looking into that pattern make sure to purchase before it's all gone!

Awesome photo from @chevytheboston with her red/white/blk hearts collar! This collar looks amazing on dogs with dark fur and light fur! Don't forget free USA shipping today only with code FREESHIPPING ! I am almost out of this print and the lifeline print so any new orders will restock those, as well as the galaxy print!

🚨 ALL ORDERS ORDERED NOW TO 11:59pm MONDAY THE 10th ARE ELIGABLE FOR FREE SHIPLING WITH CODE FREESHIPPING! (USA only) 🚨Sometimes there is some confusion between which type of collar to get so I made a chart! Martingales are good for dog's who like to slip out of their collar and also good for training. The collar can tighten a little but not enough to choke the dog like a choke chain or slip collar. A plastic buckle collar is the standard dog collar and most common. Metal Buckle dog collars are used for style and also stronger then plastic buckles, personally I have had plastic buckle snap, only once on a tie out but it can happen. I recommend metal buckle collars for dogs who are strong pullers. Check chain collars are usually used for style and looks but also are good for training, some check chains don't tighten as much as martingales but it will mostly base of who you are buying from. Any questions ask!

Sushi with sushi! Thank you for this photo @chevytheboston! If you'd like a sushi patterned Bandana OR collar check my shop website. The sushi collar is on preorder sale for 30% off!! That's a deal, catch it while you can!

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