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Daleesa Weary  ✝️ Wife/Mom/Nana/Hairstylist/Alzheimer's Caregiver/Natural Bikini Competitor 🌵AZ 🌳NJ 🗽NYC🚖 Italian, French Canadian & German bred.....😜Funny sometimes

I'm not sure which is sweeter: the flowers, the note or the scripture reference. So thankful for this encouragement! @cecedubbs 😁😍 #blessed #flowers #romans818
Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later.
Romans 8:18 NLT

I do NOT recommend delivering a 'signature required' priority express envelope LATE, by dropping it off at the door and ringing the doorbell WITHOUT obtaining a signature and then having the audacity to report it was delivered 30 min early!!!! Especially when the recipient has a doorbell camera!! #uspsfail #skybell #doorbellcamera #busted #givemearefund #begladnothieftookit #rediculous #liarliarpantsonfire

A little auto-correct humor for you today... #proofreadingfail #autocorrect #spellcheck

My Dad is selling his 2007 #hummer #H2 Its fully loaded. Chrome package. Bose sound system. Leather seats (electric & heated); It's a looker!!! Can't drive anywhere without people curious to know more about it or who just want to give compliments. Fun, fun, fun. 159,200 is the current mileage. Just had the A/C recharged. Serious inquires only. #AZ #funrides

We are living in times where everything is so 'instant'. Because of this we expect things right away and we get annoyed, angry or upset if we have to wait.
I recently experienced some frustration with my home security app. It just didn't seem to want to log in, as if it was too busy doing other things. I have to wonder... is this the way we make God feel sometimes, many times or even most of the time??? How often is he just waiting for us to take the time to log in with Him? A big difference between him and us is that he's not looking at a blank/grey app screen. He sees what we are busy doing while he patiently waits for us. Our priorities are obvious. How long will we say "but tomorrow..." When we keep putting him off. Yes, he will still be there but tomorrow is not promised to anyone of us. For us tomorrow might be too late.
We must take time out to touch base. It will require a little sacrifice of time from something else but be sure to log in everyday and verify your credentials with him. It's what keeps us going. It will help filter out the junk so our next log in doesn't take so long.
Have a blessed day FAM!! #Blessed #GodIsLove #GodIsGood #SpiritualFood #womenwholift #loveisthekey

Even when circumstance keep you from physically going to church you can still have church at home. Thanking God for live feeds of worship services. I needed this today! #SpiritualFood #church #priorities #elevationchurch @elevationchurch #faith #healing #love #life

Been SO busy lately caregiving. My husband had an accident landing him in the hospital for 6 days. Shattered wrist & dislocated elbow. They gave him high contrast die for the cat scan w/o asking questions, resulting in starting dialysis immediately than as planned. Which resulted in 3 temp catheter procedures (They discharged him with a malfunctioning one). Frustrating to say the least. Things are calming down at home but he needs a lot of assistance at home and transporting him to appointments. On top of carrying for my Dad who has Alzheimer's it's been hard finding time for myself. But it's the little simple things that mean so much. I love nature and it's one way I can escape the stresses of life. The gym is another!!! ❤ #imstillhere #dontforgetaboutme #womenwholift #nature #lifehappens #grateful #deer #GodIsGood

Tonight during my workout a man came up to me to give me his opinion. Not knowing anything about me, my goals, or my plan... He proceeded to tell me that the weight I was lifting was too heavy for my small frame! He attempted to continue on when I politely interrupted and told him, "excuse me but I'm right in the middle of my drop set". Then I quickly hurried back to finish my set before my rest time was too long. I don't know how long he had been watching me but he obviously made a poor judgement call. All his opinion did was motivate me to push myself harder.. for I hate when ppl try to put limits on what I can do. Do you and I'll do me.. naturally (unlike you who is all juiced up!!!) #mindyourbusiness #rant #womenwholift #leavemealone #ididntaskyouropinion #gains #flexfriday #gymrat

My view this morning when I opened the blinds.... #deerlife #winterwonderland #naturelover #peacefulmoments #grateful

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