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Tips And DIYs  do it yourselfs😛 i follow back🐢 answer the QOTD's🍫 you can always ask💜

🚿 step 1.
wash your hands so that the oil and dirt on your hands don't transfer to your skin. 🚿 step 2.
rinse your face. Rinse with luke warm water to open up your pores. 🚿 step 3.
pull your hair back. if you’re washing your face at the sink, hold your hair back with an elastic or a headband. if you’re in the tub or shower, either rinse your hair back or put it in a cap. remember to get bangs/fringes out of the way if you have any.(buns work best) 🚿 step 4.
apply a cleanser or soap using gentle, circular motions. spread all over the face gently, especially if you have acne; scrubbing hard will make it worse or even leave scars. remember that you don't need a lot of product for a thorough clean. I recommend Proactive or Clean and Clear. 🚿 step 5.
thoroughly rinse away. splash your face repeatedly with water, rubbing gently with your hands after each splash. if it all does not come off, wet a cloth and rub your face gently to get the more obvious stuff off, then rinse again. 🚿 step 6.
with a soft, clean towel, gently pat your face dry. try not to rub or pull at your skin, which encourages wrinkles. 🚿 step 7.
apply moisturiser (optional). doing this won’t make your face any cleaner, but it can enhance the wash by giving your face a healthy, glowing look. 🚿 step 8.
if you have acne, choose a non-oily moisturizer. if necessary, make sure it won’t conflict with any anti-acne products you’re already using.
if you’ll be going outside, use a moisturizer that contains sunscreen, preferably with SPF 15 or 30. 🚿 step 9.

what's your favorite wash?

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