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Diyana Halik  Follow @diyanahalikcom and email to info.diyanahalik@gmail.com For Aaron Aziz @aarondwiaziz email me at diyanahalik@gmail.com Thank u! 😘


“There are two ways to live a pleasant life, either in someone’s heart or in someone’s prayer. - Imam Ali (AS) * “Ya Allah please bless my family, I and everyone who reads this with great health, Iman, rezeki and guide us to YOU and only YOU. Amin” 🙏🏻❤️ ( 📷: @dwiarianaaaron travel series by @diyanahalikcom) #diyanahalik #diyanahaliktudung #dhtravelseries

My lovely Kakak @dwiarianaaaron ❤️❤️ #aaronazizfamily #dwiarianaaaron

Super late for a birthday party! But never too late for a picture. My husband dah kasi tonasi yg hampir hampir boleh cancel the outing ni. Phewwww 😅 😂😂. Memang cari nahas betul. #whenyourhusbandgetsreadyfirst (Wearing my travel series @diyanahalikcom #diyanahalik #dhtravelseries #diyanahalikcom #diyanahaliktudung Im coming beb @adilaramly 😂😂

So thankful that my husband willingly took all my photos without me asking. I guess it’s as long as I don’t ask him to pose Sudah. 😂😂 This picture was when we were trying to figure out how do we take the gondola ride. Do we just hail like hailing a taxi anywhere or find a gondola stop point? Ended up we just hailed for one hoping that we didn’t cut any queue (which we didn’t), asians like that... 😂😂 #diyanahalik #dhtravelseries (Wearing Venice travel series @diyanahalikcom www.diyanahalik.com)

What I cooked for lunch just now.... 🍤 Lemak Nenas and Butter 🍤 #aaronazizfamily

Throwback of my shoot few days back for a magazine. Wearing my current favourite colour Sweet Plum Lush Satin @diyanahalikcom Make up cantik is by @makeupbymaszmirza Ladies seriously, this colour is a must must have! #diyanahaliktudung #diyanahalikcom #diyanahalik Shop at www.diyanahalik.com

Baik baik bang terhantuk nanti 😂😂😂 Venice memories... (Wearing Square Travel Series @diyanahalikcom) #diyanahalikcom #dhtravelseries Get it now at www.diyanahalik.com #diyanahalik

How to wear the Travel Series? It’s the same how u wear our Lush Collection! @diyanahalikcom Online now at www.diyanahalik.com #dhtravelseries #diyanahalikcom #diyanahaliktudung #diyanahalik

Alhamdulilah Boss besar hantar to work just now. The thing about car rides with ur husband is that you must choose the right topic what more if it’s the start of the day. And when you see ur husband starting to grind his teeth (refer to the pic) you stop and change subject k? 😂 #DontTalkAboutTaxInTheCar 😂 (Wearing Venice Travel Series @diyanahalikcom #diyanahalikcom #diyanahaliktudung #dhtravelseries Online now www.diyanahalik.com

Launching my Travel Series soon at 1pm! My dream destination was made possible by my husband @aarondwiaziz This is a special one as it’s in conjunction with my 14th wedding anniversary. Happy that I did a travel series on this for sweet reminiscing! Hope my #dhladies will collect this ya! @diyanahalikcom #diyanahaliktudung #diyanahalik #dhtravelseries

In my 💶 80 ride. It was quite an expensive ride but the trip to Venice won’t be complete without the romantic gondola ride! So while ur at it, be sure to take every angle of the view to make the trip worthwhile! 😜 (Wearing the Venice Square Shawl) Major ❤️❤️🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 @diyanahalikcom #dhtravelseries #diyanahalikcom #diyanahaliktravels #diyanahalik

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