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Diyana Halik  Follow and email to For Aaron Aziz @aarondwiaziz email me at Thank u! 😘

Major major ❀ for this new color Sheer Brown @allureyez_ ! Can never go wrong with brown tone! Be it lighter or darker shade. Check out 'Stylish' in Thank u for ur support! 😘 #diyanahalik #allureyezlens #sissuka #sisfavourite #sismelawa #jgnkecamsis Follow @allureyez_

One Call Away! You Ahlia Ami!!!!! Superman.... @syarif.ig @malaquemahdaly πŸ˜‚

Eventually what matters is our ❀️. Do Big but constantly feel Small in the eyes of Allah swt. May Allah leads us to the right path. Aminn. #diyanahalikselfreminder

I need this now. #diyanahaliktravels

Early morning flight + flu + heavy heavy head + still wanna take picture = πŸ‘‰πŸΌ #diyanahalik Black Lush Chiffon is like my uniform. @diyanahalikcom

After 15485849 times of asking them to look at the camera!! What do u call them? Second cousins I guess? Whatever it is I hope you all will be close and tight like how your parents, uncles and aunties are. We grow up together, play together, fight each other and annoy each other but we have each other's back anytime. Importantly grow up and be fun like me ur Kak Nana! Now and forever Kak Nana! 😜#ahmadludinfamily Missing Ayser and babiesssssss.

Wearing Rosy Brown Lush Satin @diyanahalikcom and Lush Grey New lens from @allureyez_ ❀ This is from yesterday's Lord's Tailor boutique Launching at Gardens. Who would hv thought that my husband is dealing with neck pain and I was down with slight fever n flu right?! So we can never judge people by their appearance. We never know what one is gg thru. Correct? πŸ˜‰ Good Night! 😴 #diyanahalik #diyanahaliktudung #diyanahalikcom

That ONE and ONLY place u will keep missing even if you hv been there for a thousand times. It's never enough. May Allah invites my family and me again. May Allah invites all of u all who are reading this too. Amin. Salam Subuh and yes that's my subuh face! #diyanahalik

New Sheer Brown colour now LIVE at @allureyez_ #allureyezlens #fatimahmohsin make up by @fatimahmohsin

Saimdang Versi Melayu is wearing Printed Lush Chiffon, limited pieces available. #diyanahaliktudung #diyanahalik πŸ’™ #Saimdang

"Lord Lee, I pun tahu buat Goryeo Paper tu, bukan Saimdang sorang." 😜 #diyanahalik @diyanahalikcom @ayu_fariza #saimdang

Salam Ladies! Added some new colours to our Lush Chiffon! Check it out check out 🍊 and mint blue! Complete ur colours ladies! Much ❀ #diyanahaliktudung #diyanahalik follow @diyanahalikcom

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