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One thing struck me during our chika last night, @anakarylle said "Lahat naman possible, basta may effort. Friend mo, so love mo. Effort ka". Kinda moving to Cebu is hard coz I miss my friends so much, but I'm so lucky to have the best of the bunch. Lahat umeeffort, that's why I never feel lonely. My chat groups never stop buzzing and we always try our best to meet or visit each other "everywhere". Here's one of my bridesmaid checking on @blake_go πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ pasado naman! Hahaha! I missed you so much @anakarylle

We always have the biggest smiles when we're together 😘 I missed you so much @anakarylle. And @missizacalzado we're waiting for you to join the club πŸ˜‚

Mirror, mirror, you can be most Flawless of them all! Mga beki, get this limited edition Rosegold Compact Mirror for yourself or for mudra when you spend P4,500 on Beauty Drip, Warts Out or Injectables only at @myflawless.

Our love is eternal πŸ–€ people know you as this great designer pero feeling ko talaga dapat nagsinger ka. Ayaw mo mag pahiram ng mic eh. Haha! Your white tshirt and hugs will always be my fave sleeping spot ( I have 5 of those shirts at home from my sleepovers, never ko na binalik). I love you. Happy birthday! @rajolaurel

#TBT black swanning πŸ˜‚πŸ–€ #DShoots

They adopted a brother today 😘 #finalleeshesaidgo #golee

Circa 2000. Bangs and kilay lang nagbago πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ love comes in friendshipeys

Bye Boracay! 😘 #dgoesto #dgoestoboracay

A little high cut does the trick 😘 everything else is kiddie and activity proof πŸ˜‚ #dgoestoboracay #dgoesto check out @soakswimwearph

I'll be flooding you with more shots of this swimsuit 😘😘😘 #dgoesto #dgoestoboracay

Wearing my @soakswimwearph collaboration! Really wanted something that can easily be paired with jeans, shorts and skirts. I also had my kulit inaanaks in mind while picking designs, so I made sure "no budge", ninang can freely run after the kiddos at the beach! #dgoestoboracay #dgoesto

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