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  dale van iersel, retired account👋🏼


it's just me an da man.
📷 @chinkeycripen #nachiman

found old pics in random folder: 180 NG at Maccas rail, 3 trillion years ago, it felt sick ..it's skatin' duh 📷@stevelightfoot

vignettes of home 2🌳🐦🍃

dinner with me ol' mate

life is the strangest thing

i could do with some tropical warmth about now!
#grooteeylandt life, this day for "work" Lemmy who is pictured, this other guy Razak and me drove the 4WD over sand dunes, through bushland and along the beach for over two hours to this river opening to take photos and go spear fishing amongst the crocodiles. We made a fire and cooked what we caught. i got paid a days wage for it he he it was a good job!

April 2012, the night i dropped my cat off and moved to #grooteeylandt to become more like #alteredbeast and teach photography to indigenous kids. It was a wild/weird time. Anyways much love out to Copes who snuck in this quick pic, some say she's controversial these days but that's just boring people with nothing better to blab about, i back everything she does. @coral_vi

hangin' out with the #nachiman that's two cat posts in a row 😽

#nachiman loves my new tees! #slint #nirvana #hanson

monte carlos baby

#globophobia anyone? outtake from my takeover of @precious_memories_club that's currently happening. posting as my other account @pulpmatter i have many accounts, it's kinda messed up but I'm in too deep now🙇🏻

couldn't resist, this one goes out to @phatvbombs👀 A line filmed by @chris_middlebrook for @blankclothingtm wearing secondhand dunks a size too small my buddy @lewismarnell gave to me back when Lincoln didn't have the benches #blanktm #riplewismarnell #melbourneskateboarding #varialflipcouldabeenPHATTER

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