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DIVAbyDefinition  🎨 Creative 👩🏻‍🎨 Artsy Furniture, canvas painting, bottle art, painted guitars, painted home decor. LOUD, BOLD, VIBRANT, and painting the FUN way!!!

This is one of the last rocking horses that my father built. Hes built 40-50 in his lifetime for grandkids, sick children, benefit auctions, causes, etc. This one had its flaws since it’s one of last when his health started to decline. It was collecting dust up in the rafters for the last few years.
I sanded it down, painted it in a crackle finish, and dressed it for Christmas. This one will be stored in a custom fit box 📦 that I’m making now to preserve it. The family will be able to pull this out of the box once a year to enjoy. It lights up as well.

I’m getting better at stringing ukuleles after kit number 6. This one is a gift. The person I’m giving it to likes black and white, ink drawings, and different types of art. How did I do?

I’ve been painting a few of these ukuleles for Christmas gifts. 🎁 This one is meant for my little artist, niece. The back was spray painted in graffiti and front has and Artist pallet.

My father has built many rocking horses over the years for grandkids, Auctions, benefits, etc. He had to stop making them a couple of years ago due to his health. This is one of the last rocking horses he ever made. After collecting dust in the rafters the last 4 years, it is now painted and dressed and ready for Christmas!

All of my favorite nieces and nephews are getting these for Christmas. Of course, all of them are my favorite.
I made these from a kit, and I’m painting each one in something that is of interest to them.
Have you been following my Instagram Stories? I’ve been showing them for the past week. There will be more.
Since this batch is for children, I’m not putting thousands of hours into them like some of the other instruments that I’ve painted. Kids will be kids, so I’m keeping it simple just in case they get smashed in no time flat. Not saying that they would, but you never know.
If you want to know more about the kit, I did a review on Facebook live a couple of days ago. Are you following me on Facebook?
I hope you enjoy seeing more of these in the days to come. It’s a switch from furniture painting for right now.

Have you been following my Instagram stories? Be sure to check out my FB live video 👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼 on my review, tips, tricks, do’s, don’ts and all the details that some of you requested. This is not a toy. It is a real ukulele that I built and painted from a kit. Depending upon how it is painted, almost any age could enjoy this as a fun thing to play around with or a piece of wall art. This one was made for a little girl.

Have you been watching my Instagram stories? I stripped the paint off this little table. Now, I’m having some fun with stain. The highlights in the rose 🌹 that you see here is the natural wood. There is more to come!

Here is “Sister Bella” from my Sister Series of Hand Painted wooden bracelets. .
This one was painted with Americana paints on raw wood with Modern Masters metallic paints. It was sealed with two coats of the Triple Thick Glaze. Though I like the look of the open end, these can slide off. For this reason, I drilled holes in the bracelet and added a pink suede closure with beads.
This is a size large for more of a “dangly” look. It may also work to wear this farther up on the arm for a different look.

The variation of pastel colors offers more opportunities to go with more outfits. It’s perfect for those big chunky winter sweaters. .
This one is $40 and can be shipped within the United States. .
I created the Sister Series for an additional avenue to apply some of the same paint finishes that I use on furniture.
I’ve also created a “Rust Series” and you can see samples of it in my feed.
Thank you for taking a look and have a blessed day!

I’ve been showing this piece on my Instagram stories. It started out as a tall wooden box from a yard sale. I added legs to it, some drawer fronts, and this layer paint finish. It’s meant to be a trash can holder when all is said and done.

Thank you for the kind messages. I’ve been working around the clock for the last few weeks gearing up for an early holiday extravaganza. It’s over with now, and I’m really exhausted. I just need a week of R&R and then I’ll be able to start a few more projects. Here’s a ukulele that’s almost complete. 😀

Hand painted bracelets with a rust finish. They are wooden.

Here’s what’s happening to the back of the ukulele so far!! #rusteffects

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