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Stuart Brown  Publisher, linguist, geek, and recent origami enthusiast. Usually to be found at one of Oxford, York, Amman, Rio, or Ubatuba.


I bollocksed up the back legs half way through, but managed to rescue them.


The bee-eater is one of my favourite models so I thought I'd give it a go in the expensive origami foil. Result: meh. Foil is really unforgiving to fold in and the final look is part battered, part overly-glam. Kinda like Mickey Rourke in his later years.

Regular followers of my folding progress (hello? ::taps mic::) may remember that at Easter I tried to make a rabbit to calm down poor Theresa May, who was so incensed by the purported de-Christianing of the event by the National Trust that one might almost believe she was deliberately distracting attention from the fact that she was spending a time traditionally considered to be in remembrance of the brutal death of a man of peace selling arms to a belligerent war-crime-committing theocratic dictatorship. The rabbit was too hard then, but here he is now. I rather like him.

A rather cute little frog hopped over to help me with my work.

I really rather like this vulture design, and I got the head right this time.

“I am fire ... I am DEATH ...”

Another simple classic for the Hiroshige pearl paper: Akira Yoshizawa’s butterfly.

On the one hand it seemed like sacrilege to fold the beautiful Hiroshige-print pearl origami paper that @techquilaphoto brought me from Japan; on the other hand that is, after all, what it’s *for*. So I decided to go for a classic: the paper crane.

One advantage of being back: I get to play with my new bento box. Thanks @techquilaphoto!

Last Picinguaba sunset, for now 😥

Com as gostosas da Picinguaba ❤️

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