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I set up a separate Instagram feed for my current enthusiasm. Go follow @mesozoicmates if you enjoy them.

I've stopped instagramming individual dinosaurs because, as you can see, I'm reconstructing the whole mesozoic in my kitchen; but the green parasauropholus on the left was today's, and his orange buddy facing him was a couple of weeks ago. Definite improvement: I'm getting neater and more precise.

A home office is not a home office without paper dinosaurs helping you work...

Rhamphorynchus, apparently. Cool dude.

Stegosaurus, another tyrannosaur, and an elasmosaurus. The T-Rex I modified from the design a bit again, crimping the tail up and changing the angle of the legs so that he stands bird-like as modern paleontologists think they did. I also crimped the tail of the stegosaurus, and have him a reverse-folded head: mainly to stop her from splaying. The flippers on the elasmosaurus are rather deformed, poor thing.

The menagerie grew a little over the weekend

The Triassic Menagerie so far. Should be a palm rather than a cactus for authenticity, the combination of species is somewhat anachronistic, and scale is a bit off (unless that's a baby diplodocus). From left to right: T-Rex, diplodocus, archaeopteryx, triceratops, parasauropholus.

Archaefuckingopteryx, people, and damn, was he fiddly. Tail isn't right and the little reverse folds for the claws suffered from my thick-fingered klutzery.

Finally managed to do the T Rex. Quite proud of this, given I only picked up a piece of origami paper for the first time a week ago.

In their natural environment

The triceratops was extremely fiddly and the paper that came with the set was just too small for my fat sausage fingers. I bought some larger paper which wasn’t proper origami paper and a bit too thick, so I really had to bludgeon it at points. Nevertheless, not a bad first try, and she certainly casts a good demonic shadow 🤘🤘🤘

A diplodocus joins the gang

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