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Stuart Brown  Publisher, linguist, geek, and recent origami enthusiast. Oxford, York, Amman, Rio. More paper dinosaurs at @mesozoicmates.


A 42kg bijupirá caught in Picinguaba today

Aipim: fried cassava. This is literally fried carbohydrates and nothing more. It has zero nutritional content. But it's soooo good with beer.

For the record ... this is the price I pay for staying in Picinguaba. Borrachudos are a type of sandfly, then can only really get as high as my knee (and God knows that's not high), but their bite is savage, they laugh in the face of repellant, and they just loooove my sweet pasty-white gringoflesh.

I was actually trying to get a photo of my horrible borrachudo-bites ... but damn, I got good calves 😎

Returning a frankly HUGE rescued turtle to the ocean.

Suitably Brazilian ...

What do you do if you want to extend your house, but there's a mountain in the way? If you're a smart as fuck architect, you make it a goddamn *feature*. #invejadacasa

Chico came to say hello.

My AirBnB place had a little origami bird in my room ... so I made it a friend to keep it company. (Yeah. I brought some paper with me to Rio de Janeiro. That’s just a tiny bit hooked, innit.)

... acabão de queijo.

Pão de queijo ...

Beautiful Hiroshige origami paper, present from Kal’s Japan trip. It’s gonna feel like sacrilege to fold it ...

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