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Elizabeth Ditty  Writer of fictional things, including screenplays, short stories, & occasional attempts at novels (+ day job + freelance writing/editing). Mama. Wife.


Trying. #dittyhikes

"If we echo, a monster will come!" #pipventures #dittyhikes

"the first thing i will teach her to love will be the word 'no' & i will not let her feel guilty for using it" -@ladybookmad, the princess saves herself in this one


Well, this seems a bit early. #dittygarden2017

Adventuring. #pipventures #dittyhikes

French 75 prior to taking in Friday's staged readings by female playwrights. 🍾🎭⭐️

We hiked to the playground only to find the playground was gone. 😕 But at least the journey was nice. #pipventures #dittyhikes