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Danny Kim, MPSE  Filmmaker and Sound Designer at Distortion Productions | Synthesist & Founder of Binary Society


Filming recording session for Korean composer @sooyeonlyuh with the legendary Kronos Quartet performing her piece "Yessori" as part of their 50 for the Future series. #redepicw #blackmagicdesign #kronosquartet

Late night modular jam. Mostly percussion from @delptronics LDB, @steady_state_fate Entity, @tiptopaudiofficial @folktek Matter, Bitbox and some 8-bit sounds from @busycircuits Sid Guts. #modularsynth #eurorack #synth #distco

The wait is finally over...Season 7 begins tonight! #gameofthrones #housestark

Lately I've noticed I've been spending almost as much time racking modules as I am playing them. A mess of M2.5 and M3 screws everywhere, trying to slide nuts into every module opening across 10-12 modules and three rows in the Pittsburgh Structure 420 case. You can order 84hp, 104hp and 126hp M3 screw threaded strips from Synthracks.com in the UK. I had to cut 14hp strips to complete each 140hp row. Synthrotek said they aren't making them again any time soon and i couldn't find them anywhere else. With the @befacosynth Knurlies, I racked one 140hp row four times faster. Goodbye sliding 🥜! #synthracks

Looking forward to racking up my modules by hand with these Befaco Knurlies. They're even pre-threaded with plastic washers, every single one! Get em while you can, they were out of stock for months. #timesaver #modularsynth #eurorack @befacosynth

A nice groove from Todd Terje and the Olsens. @toddterje #toddterje

Todd Terje and the Olsens. Fantastic set that incorporated many different genres. Once of those very rare instances where the sum was greater than its parts. @toddterje #toddterje

Some late night modular improv. The boom 🔊of the SSF Entity thru the tube sound of @ericasynths Fusion Delay (subs or headphones recommended). @birdkidsofficial Bateleur and Erica Wavetable thru Grendel Formant Filter for those peculiar vocal sounds. #modularsynth #eurorack #downtempo #synth

Just got the Birdkids Bateleur 42hp. It's an awesome little USB powered system from Austria packed full of features and personality. The VCO alone has FM, PWM, glide, sub-oscillator and a built-in VCA. The LPF filter sounds juicy. 😋@birdkidsofficial #bateleur #modularsynth #synth #eurorack #ursamini

A patch with an #80s feel. @ericasynths Wavetable VCO's sequenced with the new Sequential Switch V2 + CV Expander and @bastlinstruments Knit Rider for percussion. SSF Entity on kicks, Erica Black Hole's bit rate reduction and reverb gave the @tiptopaudio clap and snare a nice retro sound. #modularsynth #eurorack #synth #mordax #makenoise #wmd #blackmagicdesign #ursamini

An excerpt from the overview video I shot for the new Erica Synths Sequential Switch V2 and CV Expander modules set, which is now available from their website. The entire 6:39 minute 4K video is linked in my @distco profile. Thanks to @kristiana.v and @kodek4444 for the opportunity. @ericasynths #modularsynth #ericasynths

Still from a 6am video shoot. #redepicw #tokina #blackandwhitephoto #siliconvalley

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