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Danny Kim, MPSE  Filmmaker and Sound Designer at Distortion Productions | Synthesist & Founder of Binary Society


Editing in the dark at 40,000 ft.

Last second idea, racked just two modules that happen to be 84hp each πŸ˜„... Endorphin.es Shuttle System and Sputnik Multi-touch Keys in a @trogotronic two row 84hp Collier case with a ton of Trippy cables. Should be a fun ✈️ ride if I've got power. @endorphines.travel @wiendorphines #modularsynth #eurorack #synth #airport

Look who stopped by Robotspeak..J.J Abrams @bad_robot was just announced as the co-writer and director of Star Wars Episode IX. Pretty awesome that he's into synths and modular. Binary Society will be hosting the live performances at the 2017 Robotspeak Annual Synth Meet from 3-7p on October 28th. Performers TBA. This event also commemorates the 15 Year Anniversary of the Bay Area's longest running synth store. Congrats Steve @robotspeak ! @binarysociety #modularsynth #eurorack #synth #starwars #jjabrams

Some custom black module panels to match my @ericasynths collection: Grayscale @makenoisemusic Maths, a hand-painted @mordaxsystems Data and Magpie @4ms_company SMR. All racked with Befaco Kurlies in the recently repaired @dngr.tech UFO12. #modularsynth #eurorack #synth

Izakaya, my fav Japanese restaurant in the South Bay. Chef Chiba-san has been running it since the 80's. The hamachi sashimi is perfect. They have chazuke, okonomiyaki, and a ton of other authentic Japanese dishes. The top photo is the sashimi trio: Sake (salmon), Hamachi (yellowtail) and Maguro (tuna) then counter-clockwise is Aji nigiri (raw mackerel) and an oyster shooter with a quail egg. #sushi #sanjose #japanesefood #izakaya #sashimi #siliconvalley

Practicing for Friday's set. Finally got the @1010_music Bitbox up and running with beta firmware v1.3. Being able to audition samples and change folders is helpful. Polyend Seq is great but now I can't get tight 1/16 rhythms from the breakout module. It's skipping every other step. πŸ˜’ Still working out the kinks. @ericasynths Sequential Switch is great for cycling Bitbox sample cells in rhythm: rim shot, hi/mid/low tom. @madeinpolyend @birdkidsofficial #electro #modular #polyend #synth

Nice to be home again. πŸ˜‹ Thought I'd pop open some Lost Abbey Devotion to go with some delicious Fusilli pasta. Gracias Hermano! #lostabbey

Drum circle on #venicebeach

All #elektron Saturday night jam with an Octatrack, Analog Keys and Monomachine. Sound reactive ILDA laser courtesy of @laser_juice software. @weareelektron [repost for audio quality]. #synth #laser #laserjuice #electronicdancemusic

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