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D↟STANT PLACES EARTH  👨🏽‍🌾 Journey with us! 🎥 Experience the wφrld through the eyes of adventurers 🐒🍃 #DistantPlacesEarth to get featured ↯ Founder // @augustcallsen

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Stairway to heaven ⛰🌴
📍Hawaii .
📷: @jerre_stead

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Falcon 9 taking off above Downtown LA. Shot at 1 second interval! .
📍Los Angeles .
🎥: @emerictimelapse
Picked by: @augustcallsen

Oasis In Al Maha desert 🌴🏜
📍United Arab Emirates .
📷: @ssnnas
Picked by: @augustcallsen

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“Saudi Arabia has some of the craziest landscape i’ve ever seen! I basically turned into a star wars pod racer while flying over these rock formations” 🛸
📍Saudi Arabia .
🎥: @johnny_fpv

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Trav; “when I’m with you, It’s like the world just slows down” 💕💦
📍Bali, Ubud .
🎥: @travspringer

Let’s explore the World! 🌴🌊
📍Bali, Indonesia .
📷: @augustcallsen

Shadow play in southern China 🇨🇳 📍Guilin, China .
📷: @jordhammond

Sunny days at the ocean 💦☀️
📍Gold coast, Queensland .
📷: @joshbrook_

Surf 🏄 have you ever tried surfing? 📍Hawaii .
📷: @jayalvarrez

Life is better at the beach 🏝
📍Maldives .
📷: @leefphotos

Do you ever have those moments where you just can’t believe what your eyes are seeing? 🏜
📍Egypt .
📷: @mariefeandjakesnow

Making new friends in the desert 🐫
📍Morocco .
📷: @emmett_sparling

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