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DisputeOne (Extreme)  Vegan 🌎🌳💧🌿🍃•Twin Cities Hip Hop Emcee 🎤 •Program Director of 🎙: @iNoslenMedia (INR/SE) •Owner of: @MBK_Enterprises •Exclusive DisputeOne 🎶 in Link: 💻📲

Just a reminder. Think anyways. #Empowerment #Think

Father’s Day Projects. 2 Of 2. With the weekend plans changed due to the temperamental weather of Minnesota (🌧☔️), #TheNatural and I finished his #NinjagoMovie #MasterFalls set early morning. Best supply-man a dad could have! (5 pages ahead of me...🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️) #OnMyFamilyGrind #JungleGarmadon #Kai #Wu

Just a few pics from yesterday’s fun at the MOA. Way too busy to fully enjoy the day but #TheNatural is always fun to be with! #OnMyFamilyGrind #WeekendFun

AG Trivia Question 2. (2 part)

P1. What is the name of their (??? & AG) first album?

P2. What year did it come out & what was the name of the label it came out on? *** Emailed Answers Only! *** DisputeOne@iNoslenMedia.com

*** Hip Hop Trivia Contest *** In support of AG (DITC)’s upcoming Lp “The Taste Of Ambrosia” and his #SundayEdition July 1, 2018 appearance, we will be posting trivia questions relating to AG’s Hip Hop career. There will be Four (4) 2-part trivia questions posted each Friday prior to the interview. The person who answers ALL the questions correctly will be considered the winner and receives a digital copy of the Lp as well as a shout out on the July 1st program. *** Where will the questions be posted? *** The trivia questions will be posted on this page as well as iNoslen Media’s Facebook, Twitter accounts (@ iNoslenRadio / @ iNoslenMedia) & Instagram (@ iNoslenMedia). *** Where to submit trivia answers? *** All answers MUST BE emailed in by June 30, 2018, no later than 7pm EST to:

DisputeOne @ iNoslenMedia.com.

NOTE: Any answers submitted to a posting page/account will be disqualified. Only answers accepted will be submitted by email.

Good Luck,
iNoslen Radio Staff

Question 1... P1: What does A.G. stand for?

P2: What was the name of A.G.’s rap partner & the full name of their group?

The Entire Volcano. 🌋🔥#TooTrillForAnything #Dafuq #BurnBabyBurn

It is officially over! 😩🤣🤣🤣💀 #TooTrillForAnything #VeganBeef #RapBeef #Hilarious