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DisputeOne (Extreme)  Vegan 🌎🌳💧🌿🍃•Twin Cities Hip Hop Emcee 🎤 •Program Director of 🎙: @iNoslenRadio •Owner of: @MBK_Enterprises •Exclusive OnePlusOne 🎶 in Link: 💻📲


The World: Face of Oppression
We stood on the monument
In the middle of the square.
A peaceful protest was our intent,
Which would be ended with a prayer.
Atop the tower of democracy,
We heard the bells of freedom ringing.
We had visions of equality.
Hand in hand, were singing.
Then came the silence
At the sound of soldiers marching.
Moreover, foreshadowing violence
Were the sounds of dogs barking.
There was tension in the air,
And the crowd began to grumble.
We asked, “How could they dare?”
As we heard the tanks rumble.
“They are just trying to scare us!”
Yelled someone in the crowd.
“This protest is a must!
We cannot afford to back down!”
“Before things get worse,”
Rang out a voice over the horn,
“This mob must disperse.
All of you have been warned.”
“We shall not be oppressed
By a few men in power,”
One woman stressed,
“For this is freedom’s hour!”
And with that statement
The soldiers began to advance.
And after that moment,
The citizens didn’t have a chance.
At first, powerful streams of water
Were directed into the mass.
We later heard the blast of mortars,
And felt the sting of tear gas.
The army indiscriminately fired
Upon hundreds of men and women.
The officials conversely conspired
To do harm to unarmed children.
The slaughter was finally ceased
After hundreds of people had died.
Many of our leaders were seized,
And many were forced to hide.
The government would attempt to deny
The events that had taken place.
To the world, they would lie
And reveal another face.
But freedom will forever endure,
And people will continue to fight.
Hence, the world can be sure
That the truth will come to light.
by Phillip McCullough Jr.

When it comes to classic jams, this group brought some serious heat! Their story is very interesting as well!
Bio: http://www.allmusic.com/artist/foxy-mn0000662621/biography
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I woke up today with a heavy heart and mind. I decided to make the choice of leaving certain people/relationships/commitments aside for the greater good of being the best "Me" I can be. Some may not understand because they haven't reached this point yet. Hopefully my transition towards a better managed life will create the possibility of positive change for others. #WeEqualsRoyalty

“Prisons do not disappear social problems, they disappear human beings. Homelessness, unemployment, drug addiction, mental illness, and illiteracy are only a few of the problems that disappear from public view when the human beings contending with them are relegated to cages” -Angela Y. Davis #AngelaDavis #BlackPower #BlackExcellence #BlackIsBeautiful #WeEqualsRoyalty

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Mexican Independence Day Celebrations! 🇲🇽🎶🎉🎊#Mpls #SouthSideMpls #MexicanFood #MexicanIndependenceDay #Celebrations

Swear Ta Gawd... Been in some rides before that felt like this. 😳😧😱

Sleep Now Nana
© Alexandra Burrows
Published: March 2012
Although I cannot see you,
I feel your presence near.
I will hold you close in memory,
Till I drop my very last tear.
So sleep now with the angels,
And your golden heart let rest.
Although our hearts are broken,
We know GOD took the best.
So dance beyond those golden gates,
And join your loving mum.
I'll see you when I'm sleeping,
And pray for you to come.
And although this pain is painful,
And I really don't wanna let you go.
I'll wait for death to take me Nan,
So we can together one day glow.
Until that day I'll close my eyes,
and see your smiling face.
I'll lock you up inside me heart,
Until we again embrace.
So rest now my beautiful nana,
I'll never forget how much you have done.
So until my hand meets yours again,
Sleep now in the sun.

No. We're done here. 🤦🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️🙈 #StopThat #EyeWhut

I was shook for 2.2 seconds! 😯🤔⛽️🤦🏾‍♂️

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