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Jeremy Sheer  Former castmember Disney addict and cosplayer. I am also the Doctor and a gamer. 20 years on stage! Anime Moonie. Japanophile Anglophilac


Why is this so funny?!? Poor #koroks its toad in #mario3dland #breathofthewild lolololoo #alternateending here we come

@arizzelcosplay we did it all i can say is this is a love letter to zelda fans the best game i ever watched/played i will never forget this experience and the best boss battle of all time TOTALLY WORTH IS THE 6 year wait! #zelda #bestgameofalltime #zelda #breathofthewild

Look what we caught wanted to name it #ganonhorse but frickin #nintendo knew people would try.... no room this thung is huge nick name amiibo speciality #breathofthewild @arizzelcosplay did you try this? #zelda #lol #thats three horses domino epona abd this one lucas going to foght ganon soon

#davidhayter $30 to autograph my #metalgearsolid3 ps2 game 😨 #veronicataylor $25 to autograph sailor moon (2014 she was $10 AND I GOT A FREE VIDEO RECORDING) veronica wins #omg #ihateyou #c2e2

Heres a throwback Found my dad's 18-year-old senior year in high school wrestling picture looks a lot like me doesn't it? #sheer #clones #hardwork #determination my dad try to get me in a wrestling when I was younger but I just couldn't do it because I had different dreams and aspirations as did my brother I do look a lot more like my mom and my dad but it's a mix of the both LOL

YOU WONT TAKE ME TO KOREA YOU TURN ON MY **** Noooooo now OP2 is ruined I can't on hear it just like "I am possessed by the bees in the Eagles!!!" @arizzelcosplay Noooooooo lolololololool I seriously can't unhear this now ughhhhh seriously love the Internet and my fandom hopefully season two opening won't be ruined and knock on wood #omg #attackontitan #op2 #geeez #oh god

I posted nine things on Instagram but that's how I engage with people and how I share my life and who I am. Being ignored is one of the worst feelings next to a stomach flu, cavities abandonment and feeling left out. Thanks anxiety #beingignored #ihatefeelingannoyingtoo if I feel I'm being annoying but just escalates my anxiety and makes me feel unwanted

Omg i'm freaking out there going to definitely update the animation to #SailorMoonCrystalSeasonFour to the right is the beverage Japanese commercial #bbscmercial to the left is #SailorMoonCrystalSeasonThree omg so happy #sailormoon omg can it be end of the year for sailor moon? #AttackOnTitan well just tide me over until the time being

THIS HURT FRICKIN BAD OK I thought #DoctorWho was bad or #sailormoon so help me if #Sasha dies in the manga and if she does heads will roll Petra's death realllly hit me hard. I liked her character so much, and they just fRICKIN executed her so brutally, poor girl... then they have to dump her corpse, and then Levi with her father... oh gawd its like 4 punches right in the feels...#IMNOTOK #ITHURT #ILOSTIT #AttackOnTitan I feel like she was my friend 😱😱😱😭😭😭😭😭#sasha is my girl leave her alone #petra was two #krista three #mikasa four #armin is me

VOTE TIME The #AttackOnTitan hype train is gone from all circle just like one Sailor Moon crystal season three dropped. I also added this cosplay to the list when I really didn't watch attack on Titan in its entire ready or consider myself that hard-core of a fan but it's one of my favorite animes always has been but I've always been behind so lol
it appears I have more than one challenge was originally going to do #bertolthoover #colossaltitan from the get go being super behind in the manga and just calling it a draw but then after I binged watch all of season one completely and it's entirety i've grown ultra attached to #erenjaeger #titan both of them are doable but I feel I could give more justice to #eren in fact I kind a have a design for #eren this is where you come in let the voting begin if you want to colossal Titan vote #bertolt if you want #erenjaeger #vote eren or just say colossal #eren I would like to keep this open a week because I'm not going to drop the cosplay until later this year but your feedback is ultra appreciated so I will tag the people who help me with my costumes every year @arizzelcosplay @just_jea_ @elfengamez @danirawr34 @suglitecity @mrgarlen please vote for me and if I didn't tag you still vote for me because I'm torn between both of these guys it's funny when you get extra close to something in your mind changes but just like armin says "If you don't sacrifice anything then nothing will change" #VOTE ! #cosplay #fall2017 #letsgo #attackintitan #IAmPossessedByTheBeesAndTheEagles #JAEGER LOL #colossaltitan #ERENYAGERTITAN #FALL2017

I don't really drink Starbucks but when I do I get my free birthday drink thanks #Starbucks for bringing back coconut mocha if you keep this permanently maybe I'll drink it until then forget you #starbucks #birthdaydrink

This show is something else #watchout #gottabeback #backthepast #samuraijack my dad even loves it #toonami

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