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Jeremy Sheer  Former castmember Disney addict and cosplayer. I am also the Doctor and a gamer. 20 years on stage! Anime Moonie. Japanophile Anglophilac Slytherin


Sometimes I just look at my friend and say she’s so amazing if I didn’t know her my life would be very sad @arizzelcosplay mimicking bruce campbell this shot was taken from season three shooting as we speak which premieres in February. #ashleyvsevilseason3 #senpai #myoneandonlyfriend #GROOVY #ashvsevil #ashvsevildead #BRUCECAMPBELL #GENDERBEND @sac_filmarmory out of the park again hey can we Please have the resident evil movie like now I will drop $7000

Happy 76th birthday Dumbo you flew into our hearts October 23, 1941 #WhenISeeAnElephantFly #dumbo #Disney #76thAnniversary

I made this meme six months ago for anyone who doesn’t belong to my group we are having a meme contest winner will receive a $40 figure! @sailortortilla Will be the judge because honestly I don’t think you can beat me and her :-) #sailorpluto @arizzelcosplay remember? #sailormoon #imamemegenius #bishoujosenshi365

Let this be a lesson people I’m tired of the constant attitude of “it’s all about me look how many numbers I have” and “OMG I’m at 65,000 followers thank you for getting me there” (don’t get me wrong I always push my friends to be successful because that’s what I want them to be) but we are all humans we all love expressing ourselves and showing enjoyment to the characters that Have touched our lives so let’s pay it forward in touch other people‘s lives this was renaissance fair 2017 a little girl came up to me and was so excited to see Jack sparrow so I 100% delivered because I have experience in that for the fourth time in a row #piratesofthecaribbean #jacksparrow #bristolrenaissancefaire2017 #tenyearslater #thedayyoualmostcaughtcaptainjacksparrow #disney

I almost forgot how do I miss this I know them all by heart happy birthday to #SailorVenus born today 1978 #sailormoon #birthday #lol #vizmedia #chermighleigh is awesome

Best Disney marketing plug ever this is 100% me when I see my friends at conventions I wish I was there in fact I dream about this every day @aflacduck awesome and @disneyxd yes #ducktales #disney

I can’t tell you how many friends I’ve had in my life walk away permanently and then come back and say they made a mistake only to walk away again remember emotions are emotions their temporary don’t never disregard anybody or do something stupid because you’re upset #MoreYouKnow

I’m sorry I had to call this douche bag out stop asking my beautiful women friends for nudes you are not entitled to them #gross #throw up #StopHarassingMyWomenFriends cosplay does not equal send me nudes so stop

But sometimes I feel I do need to because I’m never good enough for people sometimes. there’s always that more cool person and I feel I fail my friends😭. i’ll tell you ever since I took this new job things have felt a lot of off .financially I’m doing great ttime wise,not so much I feel I don’t have enough time to do what I used to do. Sometimes I guess what I’m trying to say when I am myself it’s still not great or good enough. people tell me I’m not a crappy friend and I don’t suck. well I’m sorry I feel I do sometimes. if I have annoyed anybody this past week or this past month or this past year, I’m really sorry I’m just being myself. I feel I have been intruding on a lot of my relationships. most of the people reading this will say “not at all“ what I say why does it still feel like that?why do I feel ignored? Why do I feel people are cooler than me??? Like I just posted something that makes me happy sailor moon or Disney and nobody cares then someone else posted something Disney or save them down and there more cool. it’s not insecurity I can just tell when people are doing better on the Internet then I am. I may not be with anyone I may know jack squat about romance but dog gone it I know how to be a ffriend to people!!!! and people don’t think I’m a friend I’m sorry I’ve let you down #IAmMe #ILikeMe #SometimesIDon’t #BecauseIFeelSubpar #ICantCompeteWithOtherPeople #hurt #whywhywhy

DISNEY MAGIC WILL ALWAYS BE MY LIFE When you finally get all three magic light souvenirs working and the new fantasmic 2017 music drops on the Internet thanks cast members! #worldofcolor #fantasmic25thanniversary #2017 #disneyland #useyourimagination #MadeWithMagicSipper #glowiththeshowears #yes #babyyes

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG 9 frickin years since the colossal titan wall breaxh frickin time jump this is huge things are getting really really really hot in #AttackOnTitan manga is heading for the end! #eren has been hiding for four years! #reiner is like omg this is such a great manga I’m gonna wait until it’s 100% done and get the jumbo addition whenever they release it #EREN ITS #EREN #AHHHHHHHHH #CHAPTER98 #holycow #spoilerfree

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would own these for those who have never read the manga of #SailorMoon I fully recommend you do are used to really really really hate #SailorVenus then I read the story that started all of Sailor Moon and I love her very much this is weird last year I read it at the library and check them out for a year and a half and now I own them #WroteVenus

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