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Jesus Loves You!  "Some women play hard to get, I play difficult to understand."-Carrie Fisher ❤✨ Annual Passholder at WDW ✨❤

Felt cute might delete later 💕😊🥰

(Alternative title: “Let’s record ourselves on Thunder Mountain and put Muppet music over it.” )


I’m trying to figure my life out right now. In doing so, I’m working to make realistic goals and bring projects I’m passionate about to life. It’s challenging and it takes a LOT of patience but I truly am excited about the future. In the meantime, enjoy this little singing video. 💙🙈

I have seen so many instances in my life where people have been deeply hurt by those who profess Christianity. It breaks my heart to hear people share with me how Christians have scared them, attacked them, judged them, and made them feel worthless.
All I can say to that is this. Those people who act in such un-Christ like ways, do NOT represent what Jesus stood for.
Jesus stood for giving GRACE to others. Showing LOVE when people may or may not have deserved it. Displaying HUMILITY even if He had reason to be arrogant.
At the end of the day, those who follow Jesus are not Jesus. As a follower of Jesus, I am aware that I have probably hurt some people. I cannot be deceived by the lie that because I claim to follow Christ I am therefore free to act how I want because I am a Christian. That in no way shape or form means I am better than others. It does not put me above them. And it does not give me an excuse to try to have authority and power over them. Who am I to judge others when I myself am a broken human being? My prayer, tonight, and for the rest of my life, is that I (and others who follow Christ) will show grace, patience, love, and humility to everyone even if we don’t agree with them. No one can claim that they are better than anyone else no matter what you believe.
So here is my apology to those who have been hurt by the Christian community. I can promise you that anytime a Christian may have judged you, Jesus would have loved you. He would have eaten with you, hugged you, laughed with you, cried with you, and He would have shown you grace. Here is my reminder to others and to myself that being a Christian does not make us high and mighty.
“There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”-Galatians 3:28

Fred and Shaggy have been replaced. 🖤💀
(Honestly the best meet and greet Disney HAS EVER done 😭)

I don’t even think I can express how beautiful this show was. As much as I love contemporary musical theatre, the classics always hold a little something more for me.
Here’s to some of the most beautiful music ever written for the stage.
Here’s to one of the most important stories ever made.
Here’s to the magic of theatre coming alive right before my eyes. My Fair Lady at Lincoln Center is a theater goer’s dream come true. Forever grateful I was taken along on Eliza’s journey.
I will be thinking and dreaming about this show for a long, long time. 💕
#myfairlady #lincolncenter #icouldhavedancedallnight

Every theatre kid has certain musicals that shaped them and inspired them growing up. As eclectic as they may be, those musicals for me were Chicago, Shrek the Musical, and Wicked.
Wicked was a big part of my childhood. I saw it multiple times on tour and sang along to the soundtrack almost all the time. But as I grew up and things in my life changed, listening to Wicked became a lot harder. It got to a point where I stopped listening all together and for a while pretended the musical didn’t exist because something awful happened in my life and I ended up associating the musical with the toxicity I was experiencing. Listening or watching Wicked became too painful for me.
Tonight, I saw Wicked for the first time in eight years. I understand the story more than I did then. I appreciate the music more than I did then. And most importantly I love it WAY more now than I did back then. To me, the fact that I sat through Wicked tonight and was moved to tears shows me how much I’ve overcome.
This musical will always continue to shape me and no matter what I used to associate it with, the things in my life that ruined Wicked for me are no longer bringing me down. I’m so grateful I was able to not only see it, but that I enjoyed it with my whole heart.
Thank you @jessicavosk, @amandajanecoop, @mccarya and the rest of the amazing company for helping reignite my love of this musical and for sharing your heart and souls with us during your performances tonight.

There’s nothing that will build your confidence more than running around New York dressed as a kick-butt superhero. 10/10 highly recommend. ❤️🕷🖤
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We love Donald. AND DONALD LOVES US 😭❤️
#magickingdom #magicalmoments #donaldduck

Save a lot of graves do a lot of relatives favors...
Y’all this is without a doubt the most unique theatre experience I’ve ever had. Unforgettable.
#sweeneytodd #offbroadway

Thank you, Turnstyle Underground Market for this hidden gem.
#marvelcomics #newyorkcity

Life. Pain. Love. Grief. Hope. Faith. YOU!
#whywetellthestory #onceonthisisland #ijustcriedforanhourstraight

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