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  There once was a mad man, who, like all of us, believed he was sane.

Some little magic. #smoke #light #shadow #bw #moon #stars

TRUE! --nervous --very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why will you say that I am mad?
#poe #best #present #evah

Bran Castle, Romania. #vlad when I grow up I want to impale 20k bad people just like you did. #hero

A little celebration. If we agree on a vision of the universe as a 4-dimensional space, this place would be my (0,0,0,0). Memories firmly anchored as this tree grips soil with its root. Hopes shining like stars, not romantic night views, but traveling photons , whose source is probably gone for good. And that familiar feeling of inverted void, comfort of elegance given by noble, agile nature that invades everything. Nobody there. Not even me. Calm. Solitude. Absent mind.

Would you like to carry my soul to the other shore? I have 2 coins. The first one is shiny silver. The second one is warm copper. Please, put them on my tired eyes. Take my sprit on your boat. Let me cross the underground river.

Crafted, socially approved, railed #happiness

- Learn how to write straight.... X

Looking up. #trees and #branches - natural complexity in finding the right #path but #nowheretogo

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