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Mirrored night sky in the world's largest salt flat 🌌

@mattiabicchi says "When I took this photo I was so happy! I think I screamed a little! It was the first time in my life I was able to see the Southern Hemisphere Night sky. The two ‘cloud’ on the top right are Nebula and you could even see it with the naked eye!" Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Discover these beautiful crystal clear natural pools located only 4 hours from the Peruvian city of Ayacucho, in the community of Circamarca.

Once you make it to Circamarca, it is only a 30 minute walk to arrive at the spectacular turquoise pools of Millpu, well worth the trek!

Photos thanks to @josemostajo and @eyeofshe please check out their adventures and #discoversouthamerica

@vivachile captures a fresh blanket of white at one of South America's best skiing locations ❄️❄️❄️ @skiportillo
Portillo, Chile

Smile.... It's sloth Sunday! Tag a friend that makes you 😀

Photo thanks to @3x_i

Imagine you’re sitting atop a giant wind-sculpted sand dune watching the sun set psychedelically over a desert lagoon ringed by exotic palm trees..... Tag a travel buddy who you'd love to be here with!

Photo thanks to @josemostajo and
@eyeofshe check out their adventures and #discoversouthamerica

Huacachina, Ica, Peru

Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself 💙

Las Lagunas Escondidas de Baltinache, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Photo thanks to @thiago.lopez

A beautiful moment in time captured in Monguí, Colombia 💕

@yonosoydeaca dice "Revisando las fotos del ‘road trip’ del fin de semana pasado me encontré con ésta que me encantó. Estaba parada en el puente para sacarme una foto con el sol que empezaba a caer, cuando escuché un rebaño de ovejas detrás mío. Me di vuelta y vi que delante de las ovejas venía liderando esta niña, de no más de 16 años quizás, que poco le importó que estuviéramos algunos intrusos en su camino. Con su vestimenta típica, tranquila y con el sol detrás creó esta imagen que siento que, al igual que el momento mismo, fue de una paz y realidad refrescante. Imágenes de mi paso por Colombia que van a quedar para siempre.

@yonosoydeaca explains "Reviewing the photos of the 'road trip' last weekend I found this one that I loved. I was standing on the bridge about to take a picture with the sun beginning to fall, when I heard a flock of sheep behind me. I turned around and saw that in front of the sheep, leading them, came this girl, no more than 16 years old perhaps, who cared little that we were intruders in her way. With her typical dress, calmness and with the sun setting behind her, this image was created that I feel that, like the moment itself, was of peace and refreshing reality. Images of my time in Colombia that will be forever"

New perspectives... @travelbyzebra sailing the sky in Lima Peru

Tag a friend you'd love to hang glide here with and plan to #discoversouthamerica

Cocoloco! 🌴🌴🌴 This coconut tree that grew on a 90 degree angle is a landmark of Praia do Aventureiro and an icon of Ilha Grande.

@diretopromundo says “This beach is really amazing! There's so much to see than the coconut tree, it's worth visiting more of it, the sand is fine and waters range between crystal blue and green shades.” 🌊
Obrigado @diretopromundo "Um dos cartões postais de Ilha Grande, a Praia do Aventureiro faz parte do roteiro de volta a ilha (fiz com o @nativosilhagrandetur), é a terceira parada, a praia é realmente linda! E é muito mais que o coqueiro, vale a pena se esticar para conhecer um pouco mais dela, a areia é fininha e a água que fica entre o azulado e esverdeado cristalino"

Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Imagine yourself here.... Paragliding in the Andes of Peru overlooking the Sacred Valley!
Video thanks to @gungafif paragliding with @exploorperu

He was the no drama kinda llama ✋🏽
Have a funday kinda Sunday everyone! 😍

Photo thanks to @meg_legs

Sunrise over the Rainbow mountains.. Tag a friend you'd like to stand here with! ⠀
"The painted Ausangate mountains in the Peruvian Andes are often referred to as the “Rainbow Mountains”. The striped colors are largely due to varying mineral deposits and weathering. The Acanela crew and I opted to explore this lesser visited part of the Rainbow Mountains, and we had sunrise (and the crazy star show beforehand) all to ourselves" says @reneeroaming

Vinicunca, Peru

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