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Discover Ocean  Let's discover the world underwater together ! New project coming soon

Bubble beard 🐒!
πŸ“· @samfarkasphotography

Follow our friend @jalilnajafov for more photos & videos of sharks 🦈 Photo by @calypsostarcharters

Happy #WorldTurtleDay everyone 🐒!
Tag a turtle love ❀️
By @danielthomasbrowne

If you are a @sharks fan, check out our friends at @sharks 🦈:)
A shark is coming straight up from below!
πŸ“· @calypsostarcharters

Pod of #Orcas forming a massive wave to knock a seal off a block of ice @theocean

Bubble-net feeding humpbacks and whale rainbows! πŸ‹
What is bubble-net feeding?
Bubble Net Feeding is a unique feeding technique employed by Humpback Whales, in which a group of whales swim in a shrinking circle blowing bubbles below a school of fish. This shrinking column of bubbles surrounds the school of fish forcing them upward. The whales spontaneously swim upward through the bubble net, mouths wide open, catching thousands of fish in one gulp. -
A scene from #WildAntarctica film.
Filmed by @alisciayoung & @richardsidey

Soooo beautiful and curious πŸ–€ #Repost @underwater
Curious orcas behind a boat.
Video credit to Marco vids.
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#Bruce here to say happy weekend 🦈 @sharks 🦈
πŸ“· by @euanart

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Sea lion see, sea lion do. Did you know that sea lions are not true seals and are instead closely related to fur seals? Together, they are known as the β€œeared seals."
πŸ“Έ: Shutterstock #ocean #marinelife #sealion

By @juansharks
A pilot whale and a humpback crossing personal space boundaries. Friendly encounter or was this aggressive? I shot this on a dive with @oceanramsey in French Polynesia.

@sdmdiving playing with the @sharks 🦈

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