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Sarah  Sarah's journey to happiness 🌻 Body Positive 💞 ED survivor 💪

Repost the amazing @bodyposipanda . Megan's account was the first bopo account I followed and has been fundamental in my recovery. I will forever be thankful for the work she does. She is an incredible individual who continually inspires and educates people. So if you haven't already check her out now! ""We get that you love yourself but why do you have to be half naked?" · "Put some clothes on." · "I'm all for body positivity but this is showing too much skin" ·

Fact: the amount of skin a woman shows has nothing to do with how much respect she deserves OR how much she respects herself. ·

Fact: a woman can choose to celebrate her body in its most natural state without it being for someone else's sexual pleasure or gratification. ·

Fact: thinking 'SEX' or 'SLUT' or 'PUT SOME CLOTHES ON' as soon as you see any kind of nudity is something that you've been taught by a culture that tells us women's bodies are for the consumption of other people and never for ourselves. While hypersexualising female bodies at every turn it simultaneously teaches us that our sexuality is shameful and that our bodies are scandalous. The good thing? You can unlearn that. ·

Flesh doesn't automatically equal sex. Our naked bodies are not shameful. We are just as worthy of respect dressed or undressed and how much skin we show is up to us. Take your casual misogyny and slut shaming elsewhere, and I'll just be over here celebrating myself however I damn well please. 💜💙💚🌈🌞
Right photo: @curvykate ✨"

I would like to address some of the concerns on my last post. A few people felt the post was skinny shaming. These claims have upset me because that was not at all the intention of the post. I have always advocated that all bodies are beautiful and body shaming is 100% not okay! If you look back through my page you will see this message repeatedly.
The aim of the post was to highlight how beautiful all bodies are and not just the ones represented by the current 'body ideal', whatever that ideal may be.

I only included the 1950's adverts to show the vast contrast to current marketing because it shows just how ridiculous these marketing schemes and diet culture is.
I don't know anyone who doesn't have stomach rolls to some degree especially when they sit down. Everybody has them and yet the media and societal views do not represent this. Riddling stomach rolls with negative connotations instead, which is just absurd!
#goddessrolls and the whole post was purely intended to challenge how we talk about stomach rolls. It in no way was intended to upset anyone who doesn't feel represented by the tag.
I do not condone body shaming in ANY form. All bodies are beautiful and it's about time we realised this and stopped talking negatively about bodies that don't fit the current body ideal, whatever that ideal may be!

🍥 Since starting this page I've come to realise just how many people hate their stomachs. But for what? Because society has told us there's only one acceptable shape for a stomach? 🍥 The only images you ever see of stomachs, in the media, are flat, toned stomachs. You never see stomach rolls featured, despite almost everyone having them when they sit down. Instead rolls are portrayed negatively. As though by having rolls it somehow make you less attractive or worthy of love and respect. 👏 BUT 👏 THAT 👏 IS 👏 RIDICULOUS! 👏
🍥 Up until the 1960s, when the emergence of supermodels such as Twiggy popularised being skinny as the 'fashionable body type', larger bodies were the desired body shape, WHICH INCLUDES ROLLS!
🍥 Look back at famous pieces of art that depict women's bodies. In almost all of them before the 1960s women are portrayed with fat on their stomachs. Do you know why? Because stomach fat is natural and beautiful! So beautiful, in fact, that artists felt the need to memorialise it in their work.
🍥 Look at images of women in the 1950s; skinny bodies were considered an undesirable body shape. Advertising campaigns and products encouraged people to gain weight in order to fit the 'body ideal' of the time. Marilyn Monroe, for example, who is recognised as one of the most beautiful women to have ever of lived had rolls. 🍥 Go back to Ancient Greece and you'll find that artistic renderings of the goddess Aphrodite have rolls! Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of love and beauty. Just think about that for a second. The goddess, who represents a beauty higher than any human could behold, has rolls! 🍥 So if a goddess can have rolls and believe they are beautiful, why shouldn't you? 🍥 Let's change how we talk rolls. Let's challenge those negative connotations and harness our inner goddesses! Rolls aren't something to be ashamed of or eradicated! They are beautiful and natural #goddessrolls 🍥 Share a photo embracing your stomach in all its natural glory just like Aphrodite's. And let's start changing how we see stomach rolls! It doesn't matter if your sitting, standing or whatever just get embracing those #goddessrolls
🍥 Tag me and #goddessrolls

Repost the amazing @dothehotpants .Dana sums this up perfectly. It's so easy to change our language and reduce the harm it brings. So why not do it? "Bringing this list back cuz changing language takes practice, empathy, and awareness.
Always remember that your language matters. And if a group of people say: "Wow these words hurt us..." Please listen to them.
Because certain words might not be painful to you, but that doesn't mean they can't hurt others.
My favorite ableist replacement is: "Out of control." 🙌
What's yours?

To my abled followers:
Save this post so the next time you're trying to think of an ableist replacement word, you can easily pull it up!
Also, tag anyone you think should see this list because knowledge truly is power.

It doesn't hurt you to remove these words from your lexicon, but keeping them in definitely hurts others.
And at the end of the day, what's really more important?
Your rights to use harmful language?
Or having empathy for the pain and struggles of others and valuing another human being's experiences above your rights to use a word? 💕

#dothehotpants "

I am LOVING this "you are enough" tank top by @freeyourminddesigns ❤️
I absolutely love the message it spreads! ❤️
For too long clothing made me feel bad about myself, so it's amazing to wear something that reminds me just how I amazing I am every time I look in the mirror. ❤️
Get yours now by heading over to @freeyourminddesigns and clicking on the link in their bio.

Your thoughts are just that ... Thoughts.
They don't always tell the truth and you don't have to believe them. 🌿
Challenge those negative thoughts.
Challenge those disordered thoughts.
You can't control them, you didn't choose this. 🌿
It's how you choose to let those thoughts effect you that matters. 🌿
Choose to ignore the negative and focus on the positive.
Focus on yourself and your happiness.
Don't let the negativity win!
Don't believe everything you think. 🌿
Image Repost @strutbymic

Happy #nationalbikiniday lovelies! 💙👙💙 👏 All bodies are bikini bodies! 👏 All you need is a bikini and your body!
👏 Don't let other people's standards dictate what you do with or how you dress your body! 👏 Your body is for YOU! And you can dress it however the hell you want. 👏 Your body is so beautiful exactly as it is and deserves to wear a bikini, if you so choose. 👙💙👙💙👙💙👙💙👙

I've seen a lot more posts about hip dips (or violin hips) recently. This is something I've posted about before and think its really important to bring awareness to; especially in our current society where we're told the 'body ideal' is big hips/ bum, tiny waist and hourglass figure. 🎻 My hips dip in like this and always have done. As you can see from this video my hips actually pop out. This doesn't cause me any physical discomfort or problems but it does mean I have and will always have hips that significantly dip in. 🎻 This has been a huge source of self-consciousness for me. I was taught to believe my hips were "unnatural and wrong". My hip dips highlight my 'love handles' and minimise my hips meaning the current 'body ideal' isn't a possibility for my body. As women we are told we need big hips/bums to be 'womanly' or attractive. BUT THIS IS CRAZY! 🎻 There is nothing wrong with hip dips! The only reason we believe there is is because of what society tells us. But I'm not buying it! Beauty isn't just one thing and hips do not define an individual's beauty. I appreciate the #beautyinthebend that hip dips bring.
🎻Seeing my hip dips in this video was actually really therapeutic. As a source of insecurity my mind had completely transformed how I saw my hips into a completely different shape. So seeing a video where I'm actually highlighting my hips rather than hiding them allowed me to finally see their true form. 🎻 Hip dips effect the majority of people in varying levels. They occur because of the shape of your hip bones and vary in prominence. Hip dips are often caused by having 'high hips' leaving a dip between your hip bone and where your femur starts. 🎻 Hip dips are natural and beautiful and we should be celebrating them, not shaming them! So I would like to start the hashtag #hipdipsarebeautiful as a way to spread awareness and hopefully inspire acceptance and even pride. 🎻 So get sharing your own beautiful hip dips and let's change how we look at ourselves and our amazing hips! Be sure to tag me so I can see and share your wonderful posts.

☀️ One of the most significant things my therapist said to me came following an incident I'd had at a festival. ☀️ I'd been watching a band and in front of me were these stunningly beautiful, thin, 'perfect' women dancing. Instantly I was hit by the familiar pang of jealousy, comparison and self-deprecation. They looked so free and confident, enjoying themselves and the moment they were in, not worrying about anyone else or what they might think of them. I wanted nothing more than to be one of those girls. To be happy and confident. In seconds that comparison had shredded my self-confidence and shrouded me in self-doubt. ☀️ So in my therapy session the following week I told my therapist about what happened. Sobbing my eyes out from the sheer weight of my own perceived inadequacies. I concluded the story by stating
"They were just so confident and I know that will never be me!"
☀️ To which my therapist simply said
"Well why not? Why can't that be you?" ☀️ When she said it I instantly got defensive. "I just can't, I know I can't. I've never been confident." Because that was what I believed with all certainty; that I'd never be confident. I'd hated myself my whole life, confidence was an alien concept. Something to be observed not possessed. I'd accepted that there had to be something wrong with me. Like I was born missing the confidence chip and therefore was destined to hate myself forever. ☀️ But what she'd said stayed with me and the more I thought about it the more I questioned those thoughts
"Why can't I be confident?"
There's no reason I can't feel that way. The only thing that is stopping me, is me! ☀️ I have no way of knowing if my impression of those girls was at all accurate. But what I do know is that my therapist was right. I stand here today and although I'm not 100% confident all of the time I can finally say that I am confident in who I am and what I look like and it has nothing to do with my size. I had to break down those invisible barriers I'd set myself telling me I couldn't be confident and happy. Confidence is a mental state not a physical attribute! Once you start believing you can be confident, those barriers start to dissipate.

Repost the lovely @thesammiejayne making some very important points about LGBTQ+ in bopo! "HAPPY PRIDE TO MY FELLOW QUEERS. 🌈
as @namastenourishedd posted earlier, pride is something i haven't seen many posts about in the bopo community, and that's quite disappointing.. ••••
as with a lot of communities and places in the world, visibility isn't given to/isn't given enough to, the LGBTQ+ community. well hello.. we're here, and we're queer.
body positivity is so important and crucial in the LGBTQ+ community, more than you even know. being a part of the community, we are constantly challenged by stereotypes that society feels we should live upto. gay men are expected to be overly feminine in their clothing choices, and the way they hold themselves, and speak.. lesbians are expected to be at the very least, tomboys.. it goes on and on.. those stereotypes are critically dangerous, and cause endless issues for the community. if you are a cisgendered straight person, please think about this when you're talking about/to us. personally, my sexuality has always been questioned because i am feminine, i love to wear dresses (albeit with combat boots), i love makeup.. but none of those things invalidate my sexuality, and the fact people suggest that is ignorant at best.
if you are cisgendered and straight, and you're planning to attend PRIDE this year, i want you to ask yourself AM I AN ALLY? DO I SUPPORT LGBTQ+ PEOPLE AND THEIR RIGHTS THE REST OF THE YEAR? if you are silent in times when the community needs you most, you are not an ally. if you can't honestly answer those two questions as yes, you are not an ally. if you are not a real ally, you have no place tagging on to our PRIDE events.
please check your privilege if you are a cisgendered straight person, and be sure that you are not silencing, failing to support, or being inconsiderate to the LGBTQ+ community.
if you are a true ally, we love you, and we appreciate you.
to all my fellow queers, may you have a safe and happy pride. if you are struggling with your sexuality/gender expression, or anything else, please know my DM's are always open. i am here for you. i mean that.

HELL YES! 🙌🙌🙌 Your mental health matters.
It's ok to prioritise it over other responsibilities.
It will help you in the long run.
Repost @beatingeatingdisorders

My body doesn't look like the current 'body ideal'. 🍂 My bum is small, my stomach sticks out, I don't have an hourglass figure with perfect abs or a tiny waist. 🍂 I used to believe that meant I wasn't beautiful, because society taught me to believe that only one body type is beautiful. 🍂 But that is so f***ing wrong!
Beauty is everywhere! It isn't just one thing. 🍂 Think about the most beautiful things you've ever seen. 🍂 I bet loads of different things start to come to mind? Landscapes, art, nature, performances, food, sunsets, animals, people? 🍂 Now try to compare them? Choose just one to claim the title of beautiful. Remove the idea that any of those other things could also be beautiful. 🍂 Hard right?
🍂 Now ask someone else to do the same? 🍂 I bet their answer is different, right? 🍂 That's because there are so many varieties of beauty and each person's experience and viewpoint is going to be different.
So why do we believe that there is only one type of beauty when it comes to bodies?
🍂 Because some money-grabbing diet company told us that's what beauty is? 🍂 That the only way to achieve this is by stripping away all that makes us unique? 🍂 That variety IS beauty! 🍂 Those differences, we've all been conditioned to believe are what stops us from being beautiful, are what make us beautiful!
So let's say a big F you to this screwed up society that pits us against each other for things that we can't even control. 🍂 So let's stop trying to change ourselves into someone else and start appreciating ourselves for all that we already are. 🍂 Let's stop pitting each other against each other like this world is some kind of screwed up hunger games scenario where only one can come out on top and embrace everybody!
🍂 And let's start celebrating those things that make us different and learn from those who are different to us. 🍂 Let's start supporting each other instead of tearing each other down. 🍂 Let's stop looking at beauty as just one thing! 🍂 We're all beautiful individuals!
You don't have to look like the current 'body ideal' to feel that way. You just have to stop believing that there is only type of beautiful body!

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