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▫️St Ann's Place

St Ann's place is an enchanting terrace of 10 Grade II listed Georgian properties tucked away along a hidden pedestrian lane in the centre of Bath

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Parade Gardens in the sunshine ▫️In the foreground is part of the Victorian pet cemetery which was uncovered and restored in 2010.

Pet cemeteries became fashionable at the end of the 19th Century. Some of the more legible inscriptions on the stones have dates ranging from 1908-1988, and there are pets named Nookie, Jack, Laddie, Pom, Fritz and Microdot

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KINSTON BILDINZ ▫️You may have noticed the unusual spelling of the street name at Kingston Buildings. In 6 and 7 Kingston buildings was Isaac Pitman's 4th institute, known as the Phonetic Institute.

Sir Isaac Pitman was obsessed with the phonetics of language and how to record it and so he eventually developed the most widely used system of shorthand (Pitman shorthand). His home was in the Royal Crescent and he died there in 1897. Interestingly, he was also the vice president of the Vegetarian Society.

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The Circus
▫️The architect John Wood the Elder, was said to have surveyed nearby Stonehenge and used its diameter dimensions of 318 feet for the Circus diameter.

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▫️The Roman Baths from above.

Due to the quality of the water, it is no longer deemed safe to swim in. The Baths were last used c.1978.


▫️View of the City in a summer haze.

According to the legend, Bath was founded by Bladud. After contracting leprosy, he was banished to Swainswick (near the site of Bath) to become a pig farmer. Upon noticing his Pigs scurvy had been cured by the mud at the hot springs, he too covered himself in it and his leprosy was cured. He then built a temple in gratitude and founded the City of Bath. He supposedly killed himself whilst attempting to fly, after constructing himself some wings.
Interestingly, Bladud's son was (king) Leir, who's story was retold in the William Shakespeare tragedy 'King Lear'. #discoverbath

Ghost signs of Bath

The sign on this house reads 'William Cottell Furniture remover' and is one of a number of old signs you can still find around the City.


Bath Abbey in the mist ▫️King Edgar, the first King of all England was crowned on this site in 973. He was known as King Edgar the Peaceful.


The Rec ▫️Since 1894 the Rec has been home to Bath rugby.
'HOOPS' was written on the seats for the retirement of longtime Bath rugby player Stuart Hooper.

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Number one, the Circus. ▫️The Circus is decorated with a detailed frieze which comprises of hundreds of alternating triglyphs and metopes.
Some of the symbols are Masonic or represent the arts and sciences.
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Bath at sunset ▫Bath sits in the mouth of a dormant Volcano which is the reason for the occurrence of the hot springs in the City.


The Roman Baths ▫️In April, Archaeologists began digging up 2 hidden Roman Baths underneath York St and Swallow St.
A new Archway Centre project which opens in 2019 will allow visitors to see new parts of the Roman Baths and walk through spaces beneath York st.
The project will also create a state-of-the-art Learning Centre and World Heritage Centre.

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