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Discord  We're launching a game store. Read more here:

Got some new medicine cabinets at Discord HQ

A visit from the king

Link in bio. Three years ago, we set out to bring people together around games. Now, we’re going to bring the games to you. We’re going to launch a store and add games to Nitro. Read more in bio #discord #discordapp

The post will just say something that makes people excited for the Discord text chat overlay that we just launched. Should probably also tell people to refresh for the change log. Hashtag discord hashtag discordapp hashtag overlay

Raid leaders across the world cheer. Give roles the Priority Speaker permission and Discord will lower other peoples’ voices when they speak. You'll see a green dot in the voice chat list next to people who have priority #discordapp #discord

Starcraft 2 is eight years old today! Protoss joke leedle leeee~ #starcraft2 #starcraft

Link in bio. How our iOS team leverages React Native to build our mobile app with only a two person team. If you like typing semicolons, check out our new engineering blog.

Link in bio. The Discord overlay just huge performance buffs, a redesign, and will soon have text chat. Check out the link our bio to learn what we changed and see pics of these features #discord #discordapp #overlay

‪Happy birthday to Limbo, Journey, and belated happy birthday to Bastion 🎉🎉 Thanks for bringing us some wonderful and unique game experiences 🆒🆒🆗‬ #bastion #limbogame #journeygame

Boba delivery!

I got the days mixed up so happy belated birthday to Knights of the Old Republic, released 15 years ago #discord #discordapp

Cake? Cake?? CAAAAKE!!! 31 years ago, we learned that love can bloom even on the battlefield. Happy Birthday to Solid Snake and the rest of FOXHOUND! #metalgear #discord #discordapp

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