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Discommon  Excessively Engineered, Meticulously Executed ~ Neil Ferrier ▪️Discommon Goods: ▪️Discommon Concepts: Disruptive design

EDIT: link in bio ◾️ I’d heard rumors that there was a guy in our town called “Neon Bill”. I met Sam from @kukajuice and she finally confirmed it for me. Neon Bill was real. He used to have 150 employees and made all the neon for Budweiser, Pepsi, Harley, Pabst etc. he was THE neon guy and it was all made here in Greenville. He retired, but secretly kept the factory and equipment and one lone employee to repair things for long term clients and do projects for family and friends. It took almost 9 months, but I finally pinned Bill down after a quadruple heart bypass (he was easy prey 😜) and convinced him to make this for me. We MAY do a small series if there’s enough interest. The bends on the glass tube to nail the F40 logo are nuts.

This was an utterly ridiculous color yet somehow I still grab it often for a Whisky.

@rmccullough21 with a strong load-out in the Watch Wallet. We’re diligently working away on Gen 3. Is that camo blue on the Tudor?? 🔥

👉🏻SWIPE: @tagheuer now have their ‘69 Monaco table and it’s on display at the Geneva Auto Show in an incredible booth celebrating 50 years of the Heuer Monaco. Thanks to @catherine.eberle for pushing us to do this. #gimsswiss #genevamotorshow #monaco #heuer #tagheuer

1/1 Aston Martin Valkyrie “wake” Coffee Table in hand finished machined walnut with satin black anodized aluminum legs. We were not expecting to fall in love with this the way we did. Serious enquiries via DM please. This may just stay in the office. 📷 @trevorfromwherever

Black Discommon items from our friend @whatever_louie. The @thejamesbrand pocket knife is one of my favorite pieces we’ve done.

I’ll leave this little tease from the incredible set of pictures @trevorfromwherever and @jazzabel took of the Valkyrie table on location @ottocarclub . More to come.

An all time favorite disruptive watch design. Elegance, sex and the audacity to use digital. “Hey girl 😍”

It was a good night @ottocarclub. Design, whisky and cars. Oh and we might have finished the valkyrie...

Few hours in the office this morning then off to Scottsdale and @ottocarclub to do a talk and drink some darn fine whisky. @milspecautomotive said I could drive this - I hope to take it through a wall or at least a cactus 😈

Brap brap!.... wait..wait..Hold up, that’s what badasses yell. Real talk, I’m terrified every time I ride this 🤷🏻‍♂️, but I did build it, maybe that’s partially why. Or maybe I’m just a wimp. 📷 @paulmehaffey

Not a one man job! @sawyertautz with the precious cargo headed to the anodize bath. 📷: @matt_anderson_photography

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