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Discjunkie  Swedish movie collector and Jeep driver. Check out my Texas Chain Saw Massacre collection @TCMDb and follow the link to my youtube channel.


New video is up on youtube. Link in my profile. Shoutout to @buzz.racing for hooking me up with my new grille :) #jeep #discjunkiesjeep #buzzracing #jeepwrangler #jeepwrangler2012 #wildboar #angrybirdgrill #jeepmods #jeepclubsweden

Watching Neill Blomkamp's ZYGOTE. OH MY FREAKING GOD! This is the creepiest monster I've seen in years! Thanks for bringing this to my attention @fritteohmanphotography 😱 #zygote #oatsstudios @neillblomkamp #neillblomkamp

When haters change their mind. ❤️#youtube #discjunkietv #discjunkie

Spotted a really sweet jacket at the fleamarket a while back. As cool as this was it felt pretty unwearable as the arms were just too slim so the only thing I could wear with it was a T-shirt and being a winter type jacket I quickly realized that any time I would wear it it would be a really sweaty and unpleasent situation.... still, pretty damn cool I gotta say. #fleamarket #fleamarketfinds

Spotted another wrangler on the parking lot so I actually went back to my car and re-parked it in the empty spot beside the other wrangler... Why? Because JEEP, that's why! #jeep #discjunkiesjeep #jeepclubsweden #jeepwrangler #jeepwrangler2012 #angrygrill

Picked up an odd EP at the fleamarket today. Its the title track from a film called AMSTERDAMNED. I have never heard about this movie before but couldnt pass this up. I mean come on, it's called Amsterdamned!? How could I not buy this?! #amsterdamned

Re-watching DREDD. This is a great example of a remake so absolutely badass that you completely forget how terrible the old one was. #judgingstallone #dredd #judgedredd

Watching SINISTER 2. #sinister2

We got to meet some new neighbours today (completely unrelated to the previous post actually) and were also invited to look around and see if we wanted any of the stuff left behind by the previous home owners. I have no idea what to put on it yet but I still went straight for the elephant. 😱 #theelephantintheroom

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