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untracked snowy runs with Alex,Kyle, Jon

... this season starting out… Indescribably good.
deep turns w Alex & Jon


Check out this sequence of Minsky holding off Max’s off-road pass‼️
outlaw was legit, props to Johnny for throwing a sick event with shuttle runs👊

thrown’ back
2012 powder squad

sn❄️w gods finally delivering the goods again!
1’-2’ silent deep turns w tracks getting covered up from snow and wind every run✌️
📸 @xjonshecklerx

following @kylewesterskate down a rail as he gets super shifty❄️
follow cam by @spokywoky 👊

transmission fluid session🤢
Trans Am spewed and fucked the local

a few fast & deep powder carves for breakfast 📸 @t_morelock_hr

tbt April 26, 2015

into the mountains today and saw pink and orange glowing snow from the reflections at sunrise -felt so good to get out of city limits.
2.5’ of granular slab with weakness underneath made for very interesting conditions❄️🏄‍♂️ #backcountrysnowboarding

digging through photos and found this sequence of about 10 skaters shit eating and Calvin sailing through eating M&Ms

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